Why I Hate Moving

Well, just looking at that, it makes me sound sort of lazy, doesn’t it? I didn’t mean I hate moving, as in “Gee, I wish I could sit here all day without using even one muscle.” I meant, as a Scottish acquaintance  puts it, “moving house”. It seems like we’ve moved a lot in the last few years, although it really hasn’t been all that much… By the way, this post isn’t because I’m cranky today. I was just working on all the moving stuff and this is the random thread that wound it’s way through my mind. So here’s my list:

Reasons I hate moving:

  1. It’s a LOT of work!
  2. As a housewife/homemaker, every time we move I leave behind everything I’ve worked on. (Meaning, a nice, comfortable nest for the famly to feel comfy, loved and protected in. We generally take the family with us!) That means that when we get wherever it is we’re going, I have to start all over again, from scratch. It’s a lot of work…
  3. We have to go through every scrap of everything we own, some of which we haven’t touched since last time we moved. It’s amazing the icky little scraps of stuff that accumulates behind and under things! This is also lots of work…
  4. We have to clean the garage. Yuck! It’s especially bad this time, since we live on several acres of pasture land. There is evidence of rodents wintering over in there, as well as thousands of dehydrated bug bodies in every corner and behind every box. It is so gross, and lots of work besides.
  5. We have to clean the house. I mean, REALLY clean it. According to the “experts”, if the house looks like a family just barely lives there, it seems more inviting. So, each day I take a shower and hide the used towels. We hide the dish soap, mop the floors twice as often as normal, and finally have to fix all those little things we’ve just lived with for the past few years. Guess what? Lot’s of work…
  6. We have to drop everything and leave the house when realtors call and say ,”We’re on our way over. We should be there in 10 minutes. Is that ok?” As you can imagine, this is also a lot of work.
  7. I have to find a new church, make new friends, figure out where good buys on groceries are, and find the shortest route to WalMart. Know what I don’t like about all these things? Yep, you got it: they’re a lot of work…

Now that I have that off my chest, I have to get back to folding laundry. A realtor is coming first thing in the morning, and if I wait to fold laundry until morning it will significantly cut into my towel hiding time! That could short-change my opening all the shades, turning on all the lights and waving freshly toasted waffles throughout the house time. (I’ll post a smiley for everyone who can figure that one out!) So for now, good night, sweet dreams…


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