It Came from the Garage…

No one has ever tried to give me the nickname Cathy Carpenter. I am not married to Bob the Builder. Our children are not Paul Plumber and Esther Electrician. None of us are Greg the Gardner. That being the case, can anyone explain what I found in our garage???

I was trying to straighten up the tool rack so the garage would look better for potential buyers, so I got a stack of plastic storage bins from WalMart and started sorting. I thought I’d put the hammer in a bin along with other larger tools. What I found was actually two hammers. Two hammers? What were we planning on? Building an ark? A new house? I also found a huge, heavy metal scraper that I have no idea the purpose of. That joined the hammers in the bin, since it’s sort of hammer-shaped and heavy.

Next I started a bin for screwdrivers. I expected to find a handful of them in various sizes and types. I found close to twenty of them, some of them in duplicate sizes. Why so many? Um… I guess sometimes it’s easier to go to WalMart to buy a new screwdriver than it is to sort through the piles in the garage… Joining the screwdrivers in their bin is what looks like a giant sewing needle (it even has the eye) on a screwdriver handle. I had no idea what it was for, so I decided to classify it as a “screwdriver-ish” item. In the bin it went.

Next came the wrenches and, you guessed it, wrench-ish tools. I could try to describe them, but it would be futile. I also have a bin of drill bits and drill bit-ish things. (With the number of these impliments I found we could put a termite colony to shame.) This was soon joined by a bin of pliers and plier-ish things. This bin included vise-grips, after spending several minutes staring at them trying to decide if they were more plier-ish or wrench-ish. We had so many pliers and plier-ish impliments I began to worry I might need to buy a bigger bin! Why does a family of 4 need 25 pliers? I have no idea!

I made a separate bin for tape measures. Five tape measures! For a family of four non-construction people! There is also a bin of clamps (c-clamps as well as those clothespin looking clampy-thingies), a bin of spray nozzles and tiny sprinklers, a bin of screws and screw-ish bolt sort of thingies, a bin of dremel tools and other little electrical do-hickies, and a couple bins of assorted electrical stuff and assorted tools that even I couldn’t make up a category for! This doesn’t even include the tools that were too big for bins, like shovels (two pointed heads, one flat head and two snow), rakes (one lawn and three leaf), hedge clippers (YIKES!), etc. Oh, and we can’t forget they pitchfork! Yes, an actual pitchfork…

So what did I learn from all this? I learned that two hammers in a bin weigh a lot more than it seems like they would. I learned that a bin of wrenches weighs a TON, and that a bin of socket wrenches weighs more than a bin of screws and screw-ish thingies. I also learned that disorganization has a cost. There is the cost of buying things you already own, as well as the cost in time lost. The fasted lifestyle is sounding better all the time…



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7 responses to “It Came from the Garage…

  1. brian

    My reward for doing a little household chore [that only takes an hour, I bet], is that I get to make a trip to the hardware store.

    Secret Man Knowledge follows: If I could do them for free with the tools I already have, would there ever be any break from the projects I need to do?

    Thank you thank you thank you for organizing the family tools. I guess your project started with a trip to Walmart, so I’m sure you understand…

  2. brian

    BTW: Did you use the labeller?

  3. Ooooo…. Cool idea! An excuse to use office supplies! Yea, office supplies! Now I know what I’ll do this afternoon!

  4. I have an idea…

    I think you should have a garage sale with nothing but the items in these bins. It would be interesting to see the looks on peoples faces and find out what kinds of questions you get asked (and the obvious assumptions behind the questions). Seriously, you should go for it.

    When you are done, set the money aside for Brian’s next trip to the hardware store… and then blog about the experience.

  5. Christine, I may have to give that a try… I could keep my camera close by and make a photo essay of the experience… Make it into a coffee table book… Make a gazillion dollars… Support missionaries ’til the cows come home… Er, I mean, ’til Jesus comes back!

  6. Wow. Did you possibly just call Jesus a cow?

  7. ****ATTENTION!!! Clear the area! Clear the area! Lightening about to strike! Run for cover!!!!****

    Um… Oops?

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