Sing a Song of Sixpence…

It has been one of those days. One of those random days, where no matter what is said, no matter what happens, it all reminds me of a song. Literally. Everything. A song. I clean the kitchen floor, and start in on “This is the way we wash the floor/Wash the floor/Wash the floor”. Opening windows to let the breeze blow through stirs up “They call the wind Maria”. Making myself lunch, my brain starts chewing on “I like to eat/I like to eat/I like to eat 8 apples and bananas”. I say good night to Brian, and in my head start singing “Good night sweetheart/Well it’s time to go-o…”. Where does this stuff come from???

I think my brain is like a giant Rolodex. You know; those address wheels that secretaries used to have on their desks. One card for each thing, in this case, a song. As I go through my day, the Rolodex is continually spinning. Every activity I do, or sentence I hear, just sort of sticks itself into the Rolodex, thus stopping the spinning, and the card that is exposed is read, or, in this case, sung.

Maybe my brain is just more like a three year old. “I’m gonna count my blocks! One, two, oh look! A doggie! I’m gonna pet the doggie. Commere doggie! I wanna–oo pretty flowers! I’m gonna pick one for Mommy! I’ll jus’ climb up here and, hey look! Cookies!” Yeah, maybe my brain is like a three year old…



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8 responses to “Sing a Song of Sixpence…

  1. brian

    Cookies – oooo I love cookies – where?

  2. When you get a few lines into the song, does a large chorus of people chime in and sing it with you? Do people tend to pop up and start dancing shortly after the song in your head begins?

    I ask for this reason… I am fairly confident that you are living in a musical. Start looking for the stage lights or cameras.

  3. How did you know? I’m currently starring in Oklahoma… 😉

  4. Was that cheesy enough for you?

  5. Indeed. The cheese factor was more than sufficient.

  6. Are you sure? I have plenty…

  7. Oh… speaking of cheese. Did you know that your daughter now has a cheese name? It’s like way super cool. 🙂

  8. OK, I can’t wait to hear this one! Details, Christine, details!

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