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I’m confused…

Over the last couple weeks I have been trying to get myself mentally prepared to carry out some level of fasting as part of the “40 Days for 40 Years Fast” called by Lou Engle. As I have pressed in to God in preparation for the fast, I started to notice how little our society is actually passionate about. There are people angry about the war, angry about global warming, angry about abortion, angry about human trafficking. And yet, for all this anger, where is the passion leading people? How many people in our society actually do anything about the subjects they claim to be passionate about, other than gripe? The answer: Continue reading


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Radically Random Resources

Going into a long weekend, where apparently everyone goes on a three day binge of picnicking and grilling out, I thought I’d throw out a few random, bizarre URLs, just in case I’m not the only one not heading to the lake. I’m sure there must be others out there somewhere!

I’ll start with a couple YouTube videos of my favorite musical instruments, Continue reading

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A Rose by any Other Name…

I’ve been thinking about smelling a lot lately… I’ll give you a minute while you figure out just how I meant that to be taken… Let me know when you’re through………… đŸ˜‰

Our memories can be stirred up by any one of our senses. Hearing certain songs can return us to our youth; those songs that stir up memories of being 16, hanging out with friends, killing time on lazy summer afternoons. Certain colors can stir up memories of long walks on an autumn day, or a walk through a garden in spring. There are tastes that remind us of Christmas, or other big events in our lives. They say, though, that the sense that is most closely tied to our memory is smell. All it takes is one small whiff of a familiar fragrance, either good or bad, and we’re right back in a situation we experienced years before. The memories that get stirred up by smells are instantly vivid, and we find ourselves all tied up in something from years ago. For some reason, this reality has been stirring in me a lot lately. I thought I’d share some of odors that take me back… Continue reading


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Sick, Twisted, and Demented!

These are the words I’m now using to describe myself. There seems to be something remarkably wrong with my brain today!

First off, I have been to the kitchen three times so far, trying to get the amazing incident from last night to happen again. Continue reading


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My Amazing Video

Ok, so this probably means I really need a life, but I just joined the world of You Tubers. Yes, I, Dorean Beattie, just posted my first ever video on You Tube! Woohoo for me! And what do you think the subject matter is? Is it me, doing amazing tricks? Is it my friends falling prey to my astoundingly funny practical jokes? No, it’s, um… my kitchen sink. No! For real!

Earlier this evening I was cleaning the kitchen. When I was done using the dishcloth to wipe down the sinks, I draped it over the center divider of the sinks, just like I always do. I turned to work on something else, and caught a strange, unfamiliar movement out of the corner of my eye. I turned to look, and it took me a few seconds to figure out exactly what was going on. For some unknown reason, the water dripping from the dishcloth into the sink was staying in little balls, shooting across the sink, sometimes splashing against the far side of the sink, and sometimes pinging right down the drain! It’s hard to describe, but it was really cool to watch. I hate to admit it publicly, but I spent a good 15 minutes adding water to the dishcloth, just to watch it drip.

Eventually, I realized this would be fun to share with friends and family, just in case anyone is as hard up for entertainment as I am, I guess… Anyway, here is the link. Acrobatic Water Drops   So, do you find it (A) Fun, (B) Amazing, (C) Dweeby, or (D) A Nap-a-Rama. Let me know what you think!


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Remembering Mr. Potato Head

I’ve been reminiscing a lot lately. Maybe it’s because of Amanda graduating, or Adam moving out, or maybe it’s because I’m getting older… Maybe I’m just bored. Whatever the reason, my mind seems to wander to things of the past quite frequently. Recently, I got to thinking about toys. It’s funny how such things can take you back…

I still remember the excitement when my brother opened his birthday package to find a Mr. Potato Head inside! This was, of course, followed by boredom after just a few days, when we realized there are only a very few variations you can make of the Potato Head face, especially since this was before the days of the deluxe version of Mr. Potato Head available these days: 

Darth Tater

 And besides, he made a really rotten date to take Barbie to the prom! Continue reading

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How did We Live without It?

Talk about random! I’ve always heard the key to having a successful business was to find a need and meet it. This certainly falls into that category. I mean, I guess it’s really a good idea, but a whole company based on this one doo-hickey? Oh, my… For WD-40 users everywhere, click here to find the tool you’ve been waiting for! How did we live without it???

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