I’m so macho!

Today was a banner day for me. I have used electric scissors, electric knives, sewing machines, wheat grinders, blenders, food processors and a “Salad Shooter”, but I have never wandered into the realm of “man tools”. Man tools being defined as jigsaws, power drills, and all those other tools that are stored in the garage. I’ve stayed away from them, not for any good reason, but just out of plain fear. It’s pretty silly when I think about it, because the tools I use could be just as dangerous, but somehow it seems different.

Anyway, today our realtor suggested we hang some flowering plants from the eaves of the front porch to add to the house’s curb appeal. I agreed, and she gave me the phone number of a handyman that could install the hooks. Well, my Cheap overcame my Fear. I decided it couldn’t possibly be that big a deal to drill four holes, so I might as well try it. The amazing thing is, I was even a little excited about trying it!

Thanks to my great organizational skills (you can read about it in the post below about the garage), I was able to find the drill, chuck key, drill bit, and chuck key right away. (Yea, me!) I used my step ladder that I use in photography, and started to work. I found out that the old carpenter’s adage of “Measure twice, cut once” sounds good, but is not always practical. Specifically, if you measure two times and it comes out to almost a foot different , you better figure on measuring at least four times! After I eventually figured out where halfway between each of the sets of posts was, I easily drilled four holes (doing a happy, self-congratulatory dance after each one), and screwed the hooks into place. Just like that.

As I used the power drill for the first time ever, I discovered something. Specifically, it’s not a big deal! It’s no harder than using any of the kitchen or craft tools than I’m used to. I don’t know where the fear came from, but it felt so good to overcome it. I feel empowered, knowing if I need to drill a hole, I can actually do it. Not that I need holes drilled all that often, but it’s very cool to see something, no matter how small, move from the column of “Stuff I Can’t Do” to the column of “Stuff I Can Do”. It’s a little victory, to be sure, but it feels so good!



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6 responses to “I’m so macho!

  1. You are woman, hear you “WHIRRRRRRR!!”

    (That was a drilling noise, in case you didn’t catch that.)

  2. Very nice. I get excited about stuff like this, too.

    Of course… I also tend to be fairly impressed with myself every time I change a light bulb. So… umm… well…

  3. Amanda: Thanks for the one drill salute!

    Christine: I’m glad to hear it’s not just me! Next time you change a light bulb, let me know, and I will celebrate you, too!

  4. Hey, I’m impressed. Some of us men are less “handy” than others! You probably shaved 13 days off the selling time!

  5. retroman: I would take 13 days less of this!

  6. I will buy you and Brian a cheesesteak once you make it up here! This too shall pass!

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