Amanda Week!

Today marks the beginning of a very special occasion: Amanda Week! This special season has been declared to join Amanda in celebrating her graduation from the Forerunner School of Ministry next Saturday. She never planned to go to Bible college, and in fact, how God “tricked” her (her words, not mine!) into going is a whole other story. Suffice it to say that Amanda deciding to go to FSM is part of what earned God the nickname of “Jehovah Sneaky” in our family. But enough of this. On to the celebration!

Since graduating takes tons of reading, we’ll start there. Anybody want to hear how Amanda learned to read? We don’t really know, actually. We just know she did. One day after shopping at K Mart, I put Amanda in the car and started to pull out of the parking lot. From the backseat I heard a little voice say, “Out, Momma.” I turned and asked her what she had said. She pointed to the sign by the parking lot exit and said, “It say ‘out’, Momma.”

Now I was shocked, and asked her, “What says out?”, and she again pointed to the sign, and repeated what it said. I agreed with her, that the sign did in fact say “Out”, as my brain entered a swirl, trying to figure out how she knew that. Maybe, she guessed? Or maybe, um…. 

When we got home, I pulled out some picture books that I knew had the word “out” in them, and began to quiz her. I first of all pointed to the word “out” in several places, and asked her what it said. She correctly recognized the word each time. I pulled out another book and asked her to show me where it said out. Once again, she knew each occurance of the word, carefully picking it out of the sentences in the book. I continued on with the impromtu quiz and discovered there were a number of words she could already read. Oh, by the way, did I mention she was 16 months old at the time? By the time she was three she was reading whole books herself. By the time she started kindergarten she was reading at about a fifth grade level. No wonder we homeschooled!

So there you have it: the story of how Amanda’s academic career got started. Pretty amazing, isn’t it? I think tomorrow we’ll move on to something else… Maybe how she met Jesus, or when she prayed her first miracle, or, hmmm… Maybe potty training! Yeah! That’s it! Tune in tomorrow for potty training!



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2 responses to “Amanda Week!

  1. brian

    I’m still amazed that she’s barely 21, and for more than 20 years she’s been able to identify the easiest and most correct way to leave a room. I’ll bet that ability still comes in handy, even to this day…

  2. That’s so crazy!!! Where did this girl come from? (Umm… I know there’s a really obvious answer to that question.)

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