How did We Live without It?

Talk about random! I’ve always heard the key to having a successful business was to find a need and meet it. This certainly falls into that category. I mean, I guess it’s really a good idea, but a whole company based on this one doo-hickey? Oh, my… For WD-40 users everywhere, click here to find the tool you’ve been waiting for! How did we live without it???


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One response to “How did We Live without It?

  1. brian

    Wow! This is a product obviously born of tremendous pain and frustration – a pain to which I can easily relate.

    I usually deal with this problem by buying a whole new can of WD-40, something I’ve actually done maybe 5 times in my life. What is it now, $3/can?

    What I really need is a product to keep me from losing my pliars.

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