Sick, Twisted, and Demented!

These are the words I’m now using to describe myself. There seems to be something remarkably wrong with my brain today!

First off, I have been to the kitchen three times so far, trying to get the amazing incident from last night to happen again. It hasn’t worked. That’s too bad, too, for a couple reasons. Firstly,  Brian figured that we could sell the house for tons of money to a world famous scientist to study this amazing phenomenon. Think of the government grant money available for such research! Well, that dream is now down the drain, so to speak… Secondly, I had been distracted for a couple hours while I was trying to track with the Prayer Room on-line, figuring out some fun variations of the feat that I could try. I was devising a plan of using colored water to make it all more spectacular. That plan, also, is down the drain. So, we have a couple wasted hours, and several trips into the kitchen, messing with getting the sink the right level of wet, getting the dishcloth at just the right angle, getting the drips at just the right interval, etc., all to try to recreate an experience I taped, and can watch over and over as much as I want to! Now that’s just silly!

The more sick and demented part comes, though, with the other piece oef absurdity that filled my mind this morning. I was surfing around TV early this morning and came across a light news story about robots. They showed a quirky little bot some lab or other is working on that is supposed to respond to a person’s thoughts.  So, rather than having to type dirctions to the robot, or use a joystick or whatever, you think something, and the robot does it. This is accomplished by placing a cap on the head of the person and hooking up electrodes to the person’s brain through this cap. The reporter was hooked up to the cap, and then watched as the robot picked up a red cube and placed it on the white square on the table. He turned to the camera and verified that was in fact what he had been thinking.

Immediately, my sick, twisted and demented side came out. My first thought was, “I would think of picking up a pink block and putting it on the floor; maybe throwing it, even.” Not because there was a pink block. This robot had the choice of picking up a green cube or a red cube to put on the table. That’s what made it fun to imagine getting to think of picking up a pink block! I imagined it’s little wheels in its head spinning ever faster, its little metal head twisting first this way, then that, frantically searching for a pink cube. Finally, it sputters, sparks fly, and smoke curls lazily up as the poor little robot collapses in enhaustion. It’s not really that I have any desire to hurt the little guy. Is this normal? Do other housewives fantasize about tormenting poor, innocent little machines that never harmed anyone? I don’t know… I hope it’s not a sin, though, cuz I kinda liked it…



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2 responses to “Sick, Twisted, and Demented!

  1. brian

    If it’s a sin, then I sin all the time. I’m in deep doodoo…

    One of my favorite games is to punch in a large positive number on a calculator and then repeatedly push the square-root function until the calculator gives up and just tells me the answer is zero – which it of course could never be. Then I laugh at it…

    I used to just enter any negative number, then hit square root and laugh when the calculator responded with an error – everyone knows the actual answer is the root of the absolute value of the number, times i. I stopped doing this when I ran into a scientific calculator that seemed to know the correct answer *sigh*. What’s the fun in that?

    What if there’s no square root function? divided by, equals often works just about as well…

  2. Oh, you are a sicko! And I thought I was bad!

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