Radically Random Resources

Going into a long weekend, where apparently everyone goes on a three day binge of picnicking and grilling out, I thought I’d throw out a few random, bizarre URLs, just in case I’m not the only one not heading to the lake. I’m sure there must be others out there somewhere!

I’ll start with a couple YouTube videos of my favorite musical instruments, Boomwackers. If you’ve never heard them before, you gotta give this a try!

Next, how about something for my fellow wordsmiths out there. You can find all kinds of useful words at BuzzWhack. I have already learned tons of new and useful terms, such as “Death by Tweakage“, which is what happens when a project or product dies due to too much tinkering. Or how about “screensucking“, which refers to wasting time in front of TV or computer monitor. One of my personal favorites is “chimping“; a term that refers to the “Oo! Oo!” sound photographers make as they are reviewing their shots on the back of their digital cameras. For something a little more scriptural, how about “sheeple“. Those are people who follow any trend or teaching mindlessly. Of course, this site also includes a few terms that are really just too rude, and they should be forced to remove them, like “monopologue“, which is a discussion where one person talks so much the other guy can’t get a word in edge-wise. See? That’s just rude! Another one they should remove is “meanderthal“. That is a person who has a hard time getting around to the point when they tell a story. Also, just too plain rude. Anyone who knows me well knows why I don’t like those words, so I won’t bother to explain it here. 😉

Another site, just for fun… How about when you don’t know how to get off the phone gracefully? You can go to “Sorry, Gotta Go” and get help. They offer, for free, sound files of things like babies crying, a teapot whistling, smoke alarm going off, and doorbells ringing. All you have to do is download the file and play it next time you want off the phone. They also have a section created especially to play for telemarketers. I’d never actually have nerve enough to use these things, but I had a good time perusing them!

For non-computer game geeks (like me), here’s a game I just spent an hour “screensucking” with: Boomshine. You only get one click per level (wish they had thought to tell me that!), and then you sit back and watch the art and music meld together with the chain reaction you started. It’s totally awesome, in a peaceful, yet enthralling way! So far I keep getting about 250-255 points, which the game says is good. I’d like to get great, or something like that, so I may have some more screensucking ahead of me.

So there you have it; my list of things you don’t need, but might really like. I’m looking forward to hearing how anyone else fares with Boomshine. I may have to start a rehab group if I keep going…


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