I’m confused…

Over the last couple weeks I have been trying to get myself mentally prepared to carry out some level of fasting as part of the “40 Days for 40 Years Fast” called by Lou Engle. As I have pressed in to God in preparation for the fast, I started to notice how little our society is actually passionate about. There are people angry about the war, angry about global warming, angry about abortion, angry about human trafficking. And yet, for all this anger, where is the passion leading people? How many people in our society actually do anything about the subjects they claim to be passionate about, other than gripe? The answer: not many!

I did, however, find one group on the internet that is extremely passionate, and they are putting their actions right out there in the public to back up the passion they have for their pet issue. I found 1,230,000 results on Google devoted to reversing this awful, life changing decision that has been made. Many of them were blogs or forums, but there were even commercial sites that have set themselves up with supplies for the people carrying on this courageous cause. People are spending their own time and money fighting this thing. The blogs and forums are full of passionate, angry, firey posts, demanding something be done. Here are a couple quotes from one of the blogs, just so you can see the passion:

  • we <……> should stand up and say, “This is why we fight!” We should let <……> know that we value quality <……> and that we will fight for it at all costs!
  • <…> you should be ashamed of yourself, treating your {customers} like this!! Shame on you!!
  • I have a nagging suspicion using history as my guide that the powers to be in the Department of Homeland are uneasy about this show and put pressure on <…..> to cancle it.

So, just what is feeding this passion? What is the great social injustice that has these people so hot under the collar? Is it the two million babies a year that are aborted in our nation? Is it the hundreds of thousands of homeless people out sleeping in the cold every night? Is it the starving children in Africa? No, the issue they are working so hard to correct, I kid you not, is the cancelling of a TV show… For real…

They have letter writing campaigns, email floods, phone floods, and even a rather creative attempt at annoying the offending executives to death by sending them bags and bags of peanuts. For real… So far, nothing has happened because of it, but they continue on, knowing that at some point, the executives will have to cave to the demands of these warriors, and the show will return, or maybe even another network will be so impressed with the fan base they may beg the offending network to let them buy the show, thus returning fresh, new episodes to the air.

My reaction to all this? Um, it’s only TV!

Be that as it may, I found a page calling for a boycott of the offending network, complete with a formal list of demands. It reads as follows:


  • 1)  {The Network} will renew {the show} for at least one or more seasons OR allow a reputable and stable network to air {the show} for at least one or more seasons.
  • 2)  The show will not be cancelled unless it is provided with a proper ending by the {the show’s} writers.
  • 3)  Actors, producers, writers and {the show’s} staff can not be terminated prematurely.
  • 4)  The fans of {the show} will expect an apology from the executives at {the network}, especially from {the head executive in charge of the decision}.

All of this sort of misses the point that this show didn’t have a large enough audience to impress the network, so they aren’t apt to care about any of this. And besides, it’s just TV!

Here is are some quotes that sums up what many of the irate viewers issues are:

  • What are you afraid of {network}, is the government putting pressure on you to take it off the air, why don’t you stand up and be a real AMERICAN(S) and keep this show going, It’s a wake up call for all the liberals in this country. Protect our rights and keep this show on the air, stand up America and let your voice be heard.
  • The execs at {the network} just basically told me that my one hour a week I devoted to this show was worth nothing to them.

Um, it’s just TV!!!!! What about the following, one of the “rules” laid out for the “warriors” (their word) to follow:

  • Rule #5 – Contacting {the show}’s Cast and Crew
    Do not attempt to contact the actors agents and management and try to enlist them in this fight. THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HELP US. It is because they cannot fight for themselves that we are fighting for them. We are trying to help these people by bringing back their show. – Do not do anything to harm them.

The goal is to help the helpless. Sounds noble, until you stop to think about who the “helpless” really are. We’re not talking endangered spotted owls, or helpless children, but full-grown, adult human beings! Besides, it’s just TV!!!!!!!!

I guess this is what causes my confusion. Here we are, preparing for a 40 day fast for huge issues to be righted, like abortion, abandoned babies, kids sleeping around, rampant divorce, etc. All these issues can only be set right by a move of God at this point, so we fast. But, how many of us fast? What percentage of the church do you suppose is involved in the fast? I don’t have any numbers on it, but I guarantee it’s quite small. What about the practical things we can do to make a difference in these areas of society? The possibilities are endless, and yet, most of us don’t fast or pray much, let alone get out to the streets where the true plagues in our society are taking place.

Where are we? Why are we not out making a difference? I don’t know for sure, but I think it’s time we figure it out. James 2:26 says: “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.” Right now I feel a call to start putting some works to my faith. I’m not able to do a lot things because of illness, but that doesn’t let me off the hook for all the other things I can do.

I don’t have a clever tag-line to end this with; no big punch to wrap it all up, because I’m still pondering the issue. I felt a great deal of conviction as I read the posts left by the rabid fans of the lost TV show. I mean, they can put out all this effort for a dumb show, and I can’t put out that much effort for issues of life and death? Guess I have more praying and meditating to do…


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  1. brian

    you don’t sound confused to me…

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