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A Light at the End of the Tunnel

Well, it is finally here. Almost five years after Brian got laid off, thus setting in motion the drama we have been living through since then, the end is in sight. For those who don’t know, the job God provided to replace the one lost in Tulsa, Oklahoma is in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. Since that job came up, we have been living separately, not by choice, but because God said to. We have somehow managed to hold the family together through hours spent on cell phones, tons of prayers, and airplane flights every couple of months. As of Friday, June 22, that will all end. Praise God! That is the day Brian will be flying to Oklahoma on a one way ticket. We will pack up all our belongings, load them into PODS, and drive to our new home (stopping in Kansas City to drop off Adam at his new home). Continue reading


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What is Wrong with my Head???

I’ve had one of those randomly-idiotic-brain days. One of those days when normal, everyday, perfectly reasonable things hit me as really funny.

It started this morning when I was talking to Brian on the phone while he was out for a walk. He excused himself from the call for a couple minutes because it was too noisy to carry on a conversation. When he called back he explained that the noise was because there was a work crew fixing a flat roof. This, of course, gave me the giggles, picturing exactly what it is like when your roof goes flat. Does it blow out, like a really bad tire at highway speeds? Does it smoke? And just how big is the jack you have to use? I suppose you’d have to jack the roof down to reach it, rather than jacking it up, like when it’s a tire that goes flat. I know this is all really lame, but I promise this is exactly what ran through my head.

Maybe I just need a nap…


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The Missing Girls

I read an article recently that really upset me. It was about the millions of baby girls each year that are killed, just because they are girls. According to the UN Population Fund, there are over 60 million “missing girls” in Asia alone because of this practice. Their deaths come by abortion (after prenatal tests to discover the sex of the baby), infanticide (systematically killing girls shortly after their birth), and neglect, i.e., laying newborn girls out in the open, in a road or in a field somewhere, to die of exposure. In the country of India, it is estimated that some 300,000 girls “go missing” each year.

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Diet Pill, anyone? Ewww…

OK, so this is probably random beyond random, but I came across some information today on the internet I just had to share. It seems that a previously prescription-only diet pill is about to be sold over the counter. It is of course being touted as the greatest thing to happen to me and my fellow chubbettes since who knows when. I’m glad I love research, and even more glad that I am addicted to reading fine print. Times like this make it worth all the time I spend on these two hobbies.

You see, as I read article after article about this new pill, thinking there must be a catch somewhere. Continue reading


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A Reading Recommendation

Just in case you’re bored and looking for a good escapist read, I recommend wandering over to read about Kootie and Koobert. These are fun little characters that have lived with our family for a number of years now. The stories are created by my husband, Brian, and are tons of fun. Just do me a favor; don’t tell Amanda or Adam I told you about this. It might not make them very happy with me. 🙂

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Return of the Pod People

Well, it has begun… The Great Beattie Migration of 2007. What an adventure it is turning out to be! I have nothing profound or amusing to say today, but here’s the latest on what’s up in Beattieville:

I guess it actually started several weeks ago when we received an offer on our house. We gave a counter-offer, and never heard back, so settled in for another round of showing the house. Continue reading


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Another Milestone

Well, it has apparently happened, the big milestone each parent knows will come someday. We got the call today that Adam has found a place to live in Kansas City once the internship has ended. That was his plan when he went up there, but now it seems it has happened. It’s a strange feeling for me. I’m thrilled for him, because I believe this is where God is putting him for this season of his life, and as a mom, what more could you want for your son?

There’s also the other side, though. That’s the side that worries. Continue reading


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