Big Head, Little Arms

I saw what might end up being my favorite movie of the year recently. In fact, I have seen it several times now. It is Disney’s “Meet the Robinsons“. It’s a cute, quirky movie, great for families. It starts as a cute enough movie, but if you pay attention as the story unfolds, you will encounter the heart of God. Anyone familiar with Theophostics will recognize and appreciate some of the nuances of this film.

One scene that had everyone in the theater laughing (for some reason the dads in the room especially loved it) was when the bad guy, “Bowler Hat Guy” tries to capture the kid hero of the film by controlling a dinosaur through use of a robotic mind-control hat. (Hey! It is a kid movie, after all!) The T-Rex chases the 12 year old boy into a corner, where he has no where to run, and it is obvious the dino is about to catch its prey. The boy is cowering, with his eyes squeezed shut, waiting for the worst.

When the worst doesn’t happen, he opens his eyes and sees the T-Rex straining to reach him. What is holding the dinosaur back is the fact that its head is so big it keeps banging it against the side of the building before it can get close enough to grab the boy with its scrawning little T-Rex arms. Bowler Hat Guy is frustrated that the T-Rex isn’t completing the job and calls to him (the techno hat has an intercom function, as well) asking what the hang up is. In muffled, almost Scooby Doo-type speech, the T-Rex says, “I have a big head… and little arms! Master? I don’t think plan was thought through very well!” That may not be too funny out of context like this, but trust me, in the movie, it’s hysterical!

I bring this up because God has been speaking to me lately on a subject that has me really messed up. In the process of, well, processing the issue, this quote from the movie came up as an illustration of the problem. The subject is tied to what I talked about in my post “I’m confused…”  More specifically, I have been contemplating our prayer focus on stopping abortion.

I know the problem of abortion will only be taken care of through prayer. Public opinion is definitely against protecting our youngest, most helpless citizens. We have a problem with our strategy, though. When our prayers are answered and God changes our laws, then what? We now have 2 million women annually who feel they have no other options of what to do with their lives. Right now, abortion is seen as the easy way out; it is seen as a way to avoid the consequences of unrighteous decisions. When Roe v. Wade is reversed, many women will feel their only way out is an illegal abortion, which will be  dangerous for the mom. Some of the rest of the mom’s will find themselves abandoned by boyfriends, husbands, and parents because of their decision to obey the law and give birth.

My point is, I’m not sure we really have a right to pray just to stop abortions. We will get to sit back, knowing we did good, and just ignore the new problems that arise from our good deed. I mean, we saved the babies from pre-natal infanticide, but we have abandoned the moms of these babies, which harms the moms and the babies. We are like the T-Rex trying to grab the boy. Our heads are big: “Look how brilliant we are! We prayed and saved babies! What a brilliant plan!” Our arms, however, and too small. We haven’t exercised them enough; we haven’t stretched them out to help the girls and women in trouble, and now we have struggling, unhappy women, many of which are now alone because of their decision to keep their babies.

We have to realize, as Bowler Hat Guy did, that our plan isn’t very well thought out. As we continue to pray for the end of abortion in our nation, we must also begin to pray for strategies on how to help the families that will be affected by the new laws. Along with that, we have to be willing to be the arms of Jesus reaching out and holding these moms close to comfort and help get them successfully started in their new lives. There will need to be an explosion of homes where these women can have a safe place to live while they go through their pregnancies and as they build their lives afterwards. There will need to be training programs for the moms, for parenting as well as occupational training. We will need charitable day care centers so moms are able to hold down jobs, knowing their babies are being nurtured and kept safe. And really, that’s a very fundamental list. The needs will be great, and varied. Are we ready for this?

It really comes down to the words of Jesus in Mt 25:34-36: Then the King will say to those on His right hand, ‘Come, you blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world: for I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in; I was naked and you clothed Me; I was sick and you visited Me; I was in prison and you came to Me.” Now is the time to exercise our puny, T-Rex arms. If we are convinced that our prayers will be answered, we must begin now to put plans in place. We must begin now to help women who are choosing life for their unborn babies. We must increase our ability to love these women; to see past their sins and see their emptiness and pain; to see their needs and embrace them where they are. As we do this, our arms will grow, and we will be able to carry the load when our prayers are answered.


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  1. brian

    Well said!

    I think we also need to be in urgent prayer about the social conditions that precipitate abortion. Loving Christians must value women (and men) by returning to righteous and meaningful indignation about that which cheapens and defiles. How many fewer abortions would there be if we treated an unmarried man who “scores” as a repugnant villian instead of a desireble stud? What if a woman was honored for her virtue instead of for her “hot” immodest attire? I know these statements will brand me a puritanical poophead in society and even in much of the church, but consider for a moment what that reaction means. What have we come to?

    Childen must be taught not to give in to the lie that they are but animals whose ultimate purpose is only to satisfy a valueless physical urge. God made us each for more.

    I’m not advocating stoning, but I guess I just miss a general concensus that people are worth more than that in God’s sight and in ours. God, please change our hearts.

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