Parental Pride in Prayer

This past week has been awesome, primarily because of the new web streaming from the Prayer Room. We’ve subscribed to it for several months now, but with the new features available, I watch it even more. It is especially for me, as a mom of two night-watchers, to be able to watch archived sets from the overnight hours. It’s also nice to have the cameras do some close-up work, so I can actually see my kids’ faces. (“Kids” being a relative term, of course!)

One morning, as I was watching one of Amanda‘s sets from the night before, the camera did a close up of her as she was prayer leading. The shot was awesome, showing off her physical beauty as golden words of adoration for God poured from her mouth, and I was overwhelmed. Pride swelled up in my heart as I heard such depth of understanding and devotion pour forth from this woman I have known since before her birth. It was one of those moments you experience every now and then as a parent: the kind when you feel so much pride about your child, and yet at the same time feel humbled that God allows you to have any part in this other life He created.

Eventually I realized I wasn’t paying any attention to God, or even trying to track with the prayers of the worship team. I was too busy basking in the pride of parenthood to remember about God, and I felt sheepish. I was talking to Brian on the phone at the time, and I told him where my head and heart were. I followed it by saying, “Well, I guess God understands me well enough to let it go this time.”

It was at that point that I heard Father God. Not audibly, of course, but inside me, as I realized the Father was saying, “I understand. How do you think I feel when I watch My children pray?” A flood of revelation washed over me, and I was both humbled and lifted up as I realized what had just happened. God had graciously allowed me to catch just a glimpse into His Fatherly heart toward us. I felt in a new, deeper way how our prayers are able to move the heart of the One who is immovable. Can you imagine? God, the Creator of the universe, the Ancient of Days, hears your voice lifted in prayer and looks down and says, “Look! That one is mine! Listen to her go! She’s really getting it!” I think I get it. Just a little, but I get it.



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3 responses to “Parental Pride in Prayer

  1. brian

    Wow. I want some of that
    oops, too late, I just got some…

  2. Dianna

    Beautiful, Dorean, thanks for sharing that.

  3. Isn’t it awesome the way God can use the relationships in our lives to learn about Him? It never ceases to amaze me!

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