Another Milestone

Well, it has apparently happened, the big milestone each parent knows will come someday. We got the call today that Adam has found a place to live in Kansas City once the internship has ended. That was his plan when he went up there, but now it seems it has happened. It’s a strange feeling for me. I’m thrilled for him, because I believe this is where God is putting him for this season of his life, and as a mom, what more could you want for your son?

There’s also the other side, though. That’s the side that worries. Yes, I know he is in God’s will to be doing this, but who will remind him to clean his room, or do his laundry? What if he has a flat tire, or gets sick? Who will be there to help him through it? I know, I know! God is there, but it can be pretty tricky for a mom to fully let go. Adam had been pretty independent for quite some time now, and is more than prepared to live on his own, but I’m still a mom.

What is making this easier for me is that Adam is very understanding about my needs as a mom. We sort of have a deal, just between the two of us. He understands that old habits die hard, so he is willing to accept that every now and then I say really dumb things, like “Did you check how much rent was before you agreed to live there?” Or “Make sure you get along well with those guys before you decide to be their roommate.” Like, duh, Mom! I’m so blessed that Adam understands those moments are more for my benefit than his. Something in me is more at peace if I get a chance to say those things, just on the off-chance that he didn’t think of them, even though I know he will.

So, now I guess we are officially empty-nesters. It’s a weird feeling, but I’m sure I’ll adjust, and even learn to like it. Although, I must admit, as we are looking for a new home in Pennsylvania, I tend to notice which ones have nice rooms for the grandkids to sleep in when they come visit…



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7 responses to “Another Milestone

  1. brian

    Keep dreaming, babe!

  2. Mrs. I

    Pennsylvania! Where in PA?

  3. We will be in the outer Philly area, somewhere…

  4. Mrs. I.

    We’re 2 hours “outside” Philly. If you ever come to Harrisburg, we can meet for lunch and convene an “IHOP PARENTS” meeting and commiserate about how far away our children are and what a blessiing it is to see them walk out their faith walk in God’s Will. : )

  5. brianbeattie

    Harrisburg is little more than an hour from Wayne – even closer. Just an easy cruise down the pottstown pike… 🙂

  6. Mrs. I.

    Would you believe Wayne is where our daughter & son-in-law went to college? Actually, Eastern University in St. David’s, which is like one street over from Wayne. You have to go to Bertucci’s for pizza – I miss it!!

    It’s a small world, isn’t it? : )

  7. Mrs. I: Thanks for the tip on Bertucci’s. Finding good pizza and good Chinese are always two of my top priorities when I get to a new city!

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