Return of the Pod People

Well, it has begun… The Great Beattie Migration of 2007. What an adventure it is turning out to be! I have nothing profound or amusing to say today, but here’s the latest on what’s up in Beattieville:

I guess it actually started several weeks ago when we received an offer on our house. We gave a counter-offer, and never heard back, so settled in for another round of showing the house. We showed it a couple more times, then got a call telling us when the inspector was coming out. We asked, “What inspector?” and were told by our real estate agent that it was from our buyer, of course! We asked what buyer, and we were told that our offer had been accepted several days before. Sheesh! I guess that’s why she gets the big bucks!

As we began looking for movers, we discovered that they were going to charge double what our moving allowance is, so the search for an alternative method began. We settled on P.O.D.S. (Personal On Demand Storage). It fits our budget, and gives a pretty good degree of security when our things go into storage for several weeks. (We don’t have a house in PA yet.) The way the system works, they will deliver the storage containers on whatever day we want, we box up our stuff, load it into the PODS, lock the PODS, and then they come back and pick up the PODS on the day we tell them to. After that the PODS will be in their warehouse somewhere until we need them.

It’s actually a pretty cool idea, except, of course, this means I get to pack up all our junk myself. Which, actually, is a pretty good idea, too. I have sorted through the house several times over the last couple years, but now, knowing I have to pack it all, I’m re-evaluating how much I want some of this stuff! For now, work on that front is at a standstill, since I’m still waiting for the packing boxes we bought on-line to be shipped.

So, we are now officially POD people. For some undertermined amount of time we will be living in an apartment that would fit in our bedroom in our current house with only a bed, a recliner, a table and two rickety chairs found abandoned by the apartment dumpster. Meanwhile, all our creature comforts will be safely tucked away in a warehouse, hopefully not collecting dust! What will get us through this season is the same thing that has gotten us this far: the power, grace, and mercy of God. There have been times I didn’t think I’d make it, but I did. God is so good!



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12 responses to “Return of the Pod People

  1. Ah yes… PODS… Self storage— that is done by someone else. I think I’m just lucky to go back to house and find my stuff is still there, it’s really “Attrition” mode for the past couple of months. It’s rough but it’s good… like cheap toilet paper.

  2. …and another amazing analogy from the younger Beattie.


  3. Oh, Adam… ew, ick! As for your stuff still being here, well, I take bribes…

  4. Amanda, you just made me think. Adam has had his superhero name for years now. Thanks to you, he now has a knight name, as well. Sir Beattie the Younger… I like it…

  5. I like it now that you made it into a knight name.

  6. Just so long as this doesn’t prompt him to start saying “Ni!” all the time.

  7. Although, when you think of it, it might be a nice change from his constant use of “Nay, nay”…

  8. I say “Nay to the Ni…”

  9. Dianna

    Hey, you have a serf willing to help pack the POD, you just have to beckon me to your service. (And give me a day or two notice.)

  10. About the knighthood…. should I start singing the Camelot song?

    And thank goodness… I thought I was going to be stuck packing the POD.

  11. xristosdomini: It couldn’t hoit!

    And, uh, you will be stuck packing the POD… And your U-Haul truck… And my car… And, uh, whatever else I can think of…

  12. JZ

    May I ask how you packed the awkward shapes in the POD: like a bike, reclining chairs that look like wing back chairs and are VERY HEAVY and AWKWARD to HANDLE … (if you had one that is), you let them have their own floor space?? and waste the air space able them?? or is the aim to fill in all the spaces inside the pod?? like doing a rubic cube except with furniture?? and did you need to shrink wrap anything to keep it dry? I am a painter and have an archive of oil paintings … which will probably take up more room than our furniture … and I read somewhere that they should be shrink wrapped (which sounds like a real pain) …

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