Diet Pill, anyone? Ewww…

OK, so this is probably random beyond random, but I came across some information today on the internet I just had to share. It seems that a previously prescription-only diet pill is about to be sold over the counter. It is of course being touted as the greatest thing to happen to me and my fellow chubbettes since who knows when. I’m glad I love research, and even more glad that I am addicted to reading fine print. Times like this make it worth all the time I spend on these two hobbies.

You see, as I read article after article about this new pill, thinking there must be a catch somewhere. Scripture is right; “seek and you will find”. On the third or fourth article, I found what I had been looking for; the side effects (lovingly called “treatment effect” by sellers of this drug). I don’t think I can put it any better than it was stated in the article. Here’s the direct quote, with the names changed to protect the, um, innocent?

[The drug] works by blocking fat absorption. Eat too much fat, however, and the drug’s dreadful side effects can kick in: oily gas and such sudden, uncontrolled bowel movements. [The manufacturer] suggests that new [drug] users wear dark apparel and have a change of clothes ready.

Sound appealing to anyone?



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2 responses to “Diet Pill, anyone? Ewww…

  1. Uh… yeah… that’s pretty much terrible.

  2. I guess you have to admire their honesty…

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