The Missing Girls

I read an article recently that really upset me. It was about the millions of baby girls each year that are killed, just because they are girls. According to the UN Population Fund, there are over 60 million “missing girls” in Asia alone because of this practice. Their deaths come by abortion (after prenatal tests to discover the sex of the baby), infanticide (systematically killing girls shortly after their birth), and neglect, i.e., laying newborn girls out in the open, in a road or in a field somewhere, to die of exposure. In the country of India, it is estimated that some 300,000 girls “go missing” each year.

The biggest problem lies within the cultures of some Asian countries, which don’t see any value in having a daughter, since she grows up to belong to her husband’s family. This means that all the expense of raising a daughter is “lost” to the family of her eventual husband, and thus considered to be a waste of money. This is especially bad in China, where their policy of only allowing a family one child, and no system of retirement salary, means that the only hope of a couple to have an income in their old age is to have a son to support them. Even though the hardest hit areas are in Asia, the problem is spreading to other parts of the world. There are three countries in Europe where this is a growing problem, as well as parts of northern Africa, and a couple countries in South America. Some immigrant groups in North America are into sex selective abortions, as well.

The irony in this is that abortion was legalized because the government decided it is a “woman’s right”. This is a foundational part of the ideology behind of women’s lib. Now we discover that this “right” we have been granted by governments around the world is the very weapon being used to wage a war of gendercide against us. And yet, there are still women’s groups fighting to get abortion legalized in even more countries. What are we thinking?

The widespread use gendercide in Asia has been going on for about 20 years now, ever since technology has made it simple to know the sex of a baby before it is born. These societies are now reaping the effects of this practice in the form of a shortage of women for the men to marry.  China estimates that they have 25 million men unable to find wives, many of whom emigrate in an attempt to find someone to marry. Japan is said to be the only country in Asia that is not suffering from the problem. This shortage has also led to another unthinkable practice: human trafficking. It is estimated that each year 800,000 people are being trafficked across borders each year for the sex trade with an estimated 80% being women and girls. (“Girls”, by the way, doesn’t just refer to teenagers. These girls are sometimes as young as four and five years old.) Some of these girls are sold by their own families to be wives, sex slaves, or prostitutes to men in foreign countries.

One of the most disturbing quotes in the article was by Adam Jones, executive director of Gendercide Watch. He feels the outlook is not actually so bleak, believing this trend of gendercide will naturally correct itself. Why? Here it is, in his own words:

“Because of the disparity, surviving women have greater market value,” he said. “As a result, it may become more economically viable for families to have girl children, thus reducing rates of female infanticide and sex selection.”

WHAT??? The hope for women is that we will be worth more as sex slaves, so they will let us live??? How heavy is the spiritual deception and darkness that would allow this to pass as good news? I’m still stunned, and my heart is heavy. Besides just the basic horror that this practice is going on, we also have to deal with the lack of news coverage of the issue. I found the article mentioned above tucked away at the bottom of the front page of After searching, I found that has one article from three years ago, while ABC, CBS, and CNN have not one. Even Christians don’t seem concerned, which seems to me to be without excuse. Jesus cares; why don’t we?

Below is the link to the article I found. It is not comfortable to read, but important. 

Of course, as evil as this seems, it opens the door to the question, if it’s so horrible to kill a baby just because it’s a girl, why is it any better to kill a baby for no reason at all, as we do in our own culture, but I suppose that is a question for another day, another post…



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  1. Preach it. This is such an important post.

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