What is Wrong with my Head???

I’ve had one of those randomly-idiotic-brain days. One of those days when normal, everyday, perfectly reasonable things hit me as really funny.

It started this morning when I was talking to Brian on the phone while he was out for a walk. He excused himself from the call for a couple minutes because it was too noisy to carry on a conversation. When he called back he explained that the noise was because there was a work crew fixing a flat roof. This, of course, gave me the giggles, picturing exactly what it is like when your roof goes flat. Does it blow out, like a really bad tire at highway speeds? Does it smoke? And just how big is the jack you have to use? I suppose you’d have to jack the roof down to reach it, rather than jacking it up, like when it’s a tire that goes flat. I know this is all really lame, but I promise this is exactly what ran through my head.

Maybe I just need a nap…



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2 responses to “What is Wrong with my Head???

  1. I blame any random pain medication you may have taken in the last year or so. Never overlook the possibility of a windfall settlement.

    You haven’t been sleepwalking, by chance, have you?

  2. Possible windfall? Did I miss that phone call? Hm… Maybe the Irish Sweepstakes…

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