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Yea for Me! (Uh oh…)

Well, now I’ve done it. I can never leave our apartment again. Well, I guess I could if I were going to walk somewhere close, but that’s about it, until we get to move into our house, of course. You see, I did a good thing today. I was so proud of myself! It was an accomplishment that apartment dwellers dream of often, but dare not even hope to see in their lifetime.

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New Friends!

Yesterday I made my first Pennsylvanian friend! Yea!

Making New Friends

Brian and myself with Mrs. I and Mr. I after we shared a few hours over lunch getting to know each other.

Mrs. I and I made contact through the blog world, and come to find out, we both have kids on staff at IHOP-KC. Even more coincidental than that Continue reading


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Heart of a Bride

Brian and I have now been together, uninterupted, for 24 straight days. That’s the longest we’ve had together in four and a half years. People warned me it would be a hard adjustment. I was told there would of course be a time of getting used to being together again, so to give it time while we settled in to life together again. Well, that hasn’t happened. Instead, it’s much more like being on a honeymoon, without all the awkwardness. I think this is partly due to God having provided us with an awesome cell phone plan which allowed us to talk to each other every day, for as long as we wanted, without costing us a dime beyond our monthly fee. It was this constant contact that kept us not just connected to each other, but caused the desire in us to be together to grow and flourish.

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More Lessons in our Saga

You may recall a couple weeks ago I wrote about the almost five year long saga Brian and I have been walking through. (You can read it here.) Things have finally settled enough here to continue with the story.

The first lesson I was hit with was what it really feels like to have financial need. Our money has always been “just enough”, which has felt like need to me. However, in those first few weeks when Brian was out of work, Continue reading

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A Lesson Learned

Well, I ‘ve been learning a lot from God since the big move, and today I learned a lesson so important I just had to pass it on right away. The lesson? It’s a really bad idea to try to break your fall onto asphalt with your nose! Really bad idea…

It happened as the realtor and I were leaving a house we had been looking at. She was working on getting the house key back in the lock box, and I decided to walk around to the side of the house to see what that part of the property looked like. I was focused on that to the point that Continue reading


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New Digs

Well, we finally made it! We are situated in our tiny apartment in Devon, Pennsylvania. It was about midnight when we pulled into town Saturday night. It was a very long drive, but we made it through with the help of Alan Hood from Forerunner School of Ministry. We have a set of teaching CDs of his called “The Excellencies of Christ”, which we listened to all the way across Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, the tiny northern sliver of West Virginia, and all of Pennsylvania.

I have nothing profound to say today, because I’m still exhausted from a full week of packing and driving. (We had my poor little Toyota packed like she was a truck!) In a couple days, when I have recovered a little more, I’ll continue with all God has taught us through this process. For now, I sleep!


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