New Digs

Well, we finally made it! We are situated in our tiny apartment in Devon, Pennsylvania. It was about midnight when we pulled into town Saturday night. It was a very long drive, but we made it through with the help of Alan Hood from Forerunner School of Ministry. We have a set of teaching CDs of his called “The Excellencies of Christ”, which we listened to all the way across Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, the tiny northern sliver of West Virginia, and all of Pennsylvania.

I have nothing profound to say today, because I’m still exhausted from a full week of packing and driving. (We had my poor little Toyota packed like she was a truck!) In a couple days, when I have recovered a little more, I’ll continue with all God has taught us through this process. For now, I sleep!



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2 responses to “New Digs

  1. Mrs. I

    Welcome to PA!!!! I don’t envy you that drive one iota!!

  2. Thanks, Mrs. I. Maybe after we get settled we can get together sometime and swap stories of being IHOP moms. For now, the house hunt goes on…

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