A Lesson Learned

Well, I ‘ve been learning a lot from God since the big move, and today I learned a lesson so important I just had to pass it on right away. The lesson? It’s a really bad idea to try to break your fall onto asphalt with your nose! Really bad idea…

It happened as the realtor and I were leaving a house we had been looking at. She was working on getting the house key back in the lock box, and I decided to walk around to the side of the house to see what that part of the property looked like. I was focused on that to the point that

I totally forgot that there was an inch or so difference in the height of the walkway and the height of the driveway. My left foot decided to remind me, though, by rolling to the side, sending me flying onto the pavement. My right knee got pretty well shredded, as well as my left elbow and my nose. Because there is justice in the universe, my ankle ended up pretty sore, as well. Guess it got what it deserved, huh?

So there I sat, on the hot asphalt drive, with the realtor bustling around me, worried that my injuries were serious, and I had only two thoughts in my head; “Boy I feel dumb,” and: “My nose hurts!” Then I realized just how hot the asphalt was getting underneath me, and I began to wonder how come my knee was shredded but the knee of my pants was not… It was about then I realized that I might be a little bit in shock and not thinking so clearly! It took me a little bit to realize I had a nose bleed, which was not good! Oh, yeah, and one of the lenses of my glasses was scratched beyond usability, as well. Also not good…

I’m doing ok, now. I’m sore, but nothing big. Well, except my nose! And, as anyone who has seen me knows, my nose didn’t need any help in being rather, well, outstanding. It’s bright red, shiny, and the tip of it has swollen to a rather unpleasant size.  It also has a tendency to start bleeding for no particular reason, which I’ve decided to treat as a party game of sorts. I can entertain myself by guessing how long it’s going to be until the next incident occurs.

So, for all you people out there, learn from my faux pas: never try to break a fall with your nose! It’s a really bad idea!



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4 responses to “A Lesson Learned

  1. OUCH. My heart goes out to you, lady. 😦

  2. Lol, at least now I know where I got it from… It brings up flashbacks of FITN and the Redneck bandage…

  3. Or, maybe I was normal before, and I caught it from you, huh? Huh? Ya think???? 😉

  4. Mrs. I.

    Ouch! Hope your nose is feeling better!!

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