Yea for Me! (Uh oh…)

Well, now I’ve done it. I can never leave our apartment again. Well, I guess I could if I were going to walk somewhere close, but that’s about it, until we get to move into our house, of course. You see, I did a good thing today. I was so proud of myself! It was an accomplishment that apartment dwellers dream of often, but dare not even hope to see in their lifetime.

A little background first: Our apartment has long interior hallways to get to the apartments rather than exterior stairwells, as most newer apartment buildings have.  This means that all three floors of apartments in our building access the available parking through just two doors, one at each end of the building. That means if you aren’t lucky, you can get stuck parking on the back side of the building and having to walk clear around the building to get to a stairwell, and then backtrack around back to where you apartment once you’re inside.

This afternoon, after being out for a couple hours running errands, I did it! I got the parking place right in front of the door! Yea for me! It now takes me just fours steps to reach the security door and be on my way inside the building to the apartment. I was so proud! I felt so competent! Then, it hit me; I can’t ever leave the apartment again. If I do, I’ll lose the premium parking spot. I can’t do that! Not after five weeks of working toward this!

This all brought me to the realization; maybe the premium spot isn’t so premium after all. I mean, now that I have the spot I can’t leave, because I’ll lose it. Since I won’t be using the car, it might as well be parked on the next block over, so the parking spot is useless, meaning it’s not premium after all, which means I can go ahead and drive, since it’s not a great parking spot to lose anyway, except that now I won’t be having to walk a long way outside to get to the car, which means it’s a great spot, so I better not drive and lose it… Oh dear…



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6 responses to “Yea for Me! (Uh oh…)

  1. I’ve not ever read anything before that made me feel this dizzy…
    I like it. Kinda reminds me of impossible drawings by Escher.

  2. Mrs. I.

    Dorean, I actually followed your train of thought – should I be worried?!?! Great minds think alike!! : )

  3. Brian: Since I love Escher, I’ll take that as a compliment!

    Mrs. I: Yes, worried would be a good response! I’ll pray for you!

  4. Mmmm… Escher. I love this family so much that it’s ridiculous.

    I say you should stay home for at least a week. Embrace the satisfaction of having the premium parking spot. Know that other people don’t have it because you do. (Hmm… I suppose that’s not very “sermon on the mount”…) Take lots of pictures out at your car. Rejoice in this triumph, as similar occasions are likely to be rare.

    And THEN… when you finally do get to leave your apartment, you will enjoy it that much more… just by the simple fact that you were unable to do so for an entire week. This should produce a necessary longing for mobility that will help you love the lesser parking spaces.

  5. Christine, is it ok if I adopt you as my little sister? You already seem like one of us!

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