Just for Christine…

Here it is; the photo of my little Beulah, in the premium parking spot:


I had planned on taking this photo, then chickened out, thinking everyone would think it was dumb. Thanks to Christine, I gained the courage to just go for it! Thanks, Christine!



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5 responses to “Just for Christine…

  1. Beulah says, “do you think this picture makes my rear end look big?”

  2. 🙂 hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah 🙂

  3. Yay! You are welcome. I am glad to inspire. 🙂 And thank YOU for embracing that courage and going for it. Happy picture.

    (I figure, if you enjoy something, what does it really matter if everyone else thinks you’re a little silly? I like sorting and counting things. People laugh at me. I STILL like sorting and counting things. Let them laugh. I’m enjoying myself. … 29, 30, 31…)

    And I must say…

    Wow. That is premium parking.

  4. On an unrelated note… why aren’t more blog posts written with the title “Just for Christine…”? I think it’s a brilliant concept.

  5. Christine: Your ability to just be yourself is part of what I love about you. I’m hoping to spend enough time with you that it rubs off on me a little. I’m getting better with age, but… Well, I have a ways to go!

    As for the concept of Just for Christine, I think it works quite well, also. I may have to use it again sometime!

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