After what seems like years (it’s only been a couple weeks) we finally got word today that the paperwork on our mortgage has been accepted! Anyone who has been hearing financial news the last couple weeks understands how huge that is, I’m sure. With more than 20 years of paying all our bills on time, thanks to God’s faithfulness, our credit rating is great, but with the way the market is going these days it still took a little longer than we at first expected. There really wasn’t any doubt it wouldn’t eventually go through, but it’s such a relief to have it be official. Now we have six more weeks of sitting. And waiting… Then we sign our lives away and get a real home again. Finally!

When we finally get to move into our house and this Transition ends, it will have been exactly 68 weeks since it all started. That’s a lot of transition, and there were many times when we walked in more confusion and frustration than faith! It was encouraging when I opened my email today and found an article from John Paul Jackson called “Expanding Your Spirit” (Read the article here). In the article John Paul talks about how so many times we go through things for a huge array of reasons, some for our benefit, and some for the benefit of the Kingdom. It was confirmation of a lot of what we have heard from God over the last five years. I highly recommend reading it!

So, while you go read the article, I’ll just sit here quietly, crying tears of relief (and a little impatience to get through the next 6 weeks), and pouring out my gratitude to God that He has been here with us through all of this. Gratitude that He never puts aside His mercy and love for us when we are weak, but loves us through those low spots, with more confidence in us than we have that we will in fact come out the other side…



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3 responses to “WooHoo!!!

  1. God is very very good indeed!

  2. Mrs. I

    Yeah for the Beatties!!! Congratulations!!

  3. Thanks Mrs. I! I am SO excited! Now we’re down to 5 weeks, and counting… I can’t WAIT to get back into a house. Apartment living and I don’t get along too well…

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