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A Day of Celebration!

Today, September 19, is a day of celebration. For us, the celebration started 22 years ago when Amanda was born. Happy Birthday, Amanda!!!! She is such a blessing, I feel truly honored to be her mom. The celebration of the day increased for us several years ago when our family became part of the IHOP-KC family, and discovered that this date is also the anniversary of IHOP-KC going 24/7. Happy Birthday, IHOP!

This year, however, the celebration has gotten even bigger, as I have discovered yet another reason this day is different from all others. September 19 is also:

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Barney comes to stay…

I have been privileged to witness a genius at work, and I am so thrilled at the result that I can hardly sit still, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

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Sorry about shouting, but my picture in my header disappeared yesterday while I was out shopping. If the person who walked off with it would please return is ASAP, there will be no questions asked, and no prosecution. I promise… I took that picture of something belonging to my son, so I’d really like it back, please? šŸ˜¦

In the case it is not returned, I’ll have to resort to a back-up copy, which is currently in a POD somewhere in the outskirts of PhiladelphiaĀ  ( šŸ˜¦ again…).

Computers are neat when they work right…


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Does this Make my Head Look Big?

I was just wondering, because yesterday someone found my blog by searching for “women with big heads”. What I want to know is, how did they know???

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“Signs” of Adventure…

Just to keep everyone up to date on our progress as East Coast adventurers, this weekend we took had two adventures: one to the Green Lane Park Scottish and Irish Festival in Green Lane, Pennsylvania, and the other to Atlantic City, New Jersey. During both of those trips, we got lost a grand total of…. *drum roll, please*… Continue reading


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One More Microwave Tip

I keep resisting posting this, but I can’t take it anymore. I won’t say you should or shouldn’t do this. I won’t be doing it, but I must admit a rather guilty pleasure in seeing someone else do it. So without further ado: What happens when you put a bar of soap in a microwave:


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“Kitchen Things”

This is a term someone put into a search engine that led them to my blog. Kitchen Things? Did I write about that? Well, not that I remember, so, being the inquisitive little bunny that I am, I went out to several different search engines to see why such a search would bring up this blog.

I still haven’t found the one that puts me in such a category, but I did come across an article that intrigued me. It’s called “Things You Shouldn’t Microwave”. My first reaction was that’s got to be a pretty long list! I’m thinking things like hamsters, lizards, your car, your wedding ring… The possibilities are almost endless, and therefore seems like a pretty lame article. Once again my inquisitive side got the better of me, and I clicked. I learned some fascinating things. For instance, don’t microwave your CDs. If you do, this will happen:

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