One More Microwave Tip

I keep resisting posting this, but I can’t take it anymore. I won’t say you should or shouldn’t do this. I won’t be doing it, but I must admit a rather guilty pleasure in seeing someone else do it. So without further ado: What happens when you put a bar of soap in a microwave:



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12 responses to “One More Microwave Tip

  1. See now, THAT is awesome. I wouldn’t suggest doing it with any microwave you every intended to use ever again, but that is fun to watch.

  2. I knew you’d like it! But, come on… You really mean to tell me there isn’t a little tiny part of you that’s just dying to try it? For real? I mean, don’t do it, but don’t you wanna?

  3. That was so great! But I want to touch it. You can’t touch it when it’s just in the video. I really want to do it. Sigh… resist temptation, Christine. Just say no.

    Hmmm…. maybe if Richard and Jonathan ever let me clean their microwave again…

  4. Christine: Yeah, I know. Me too! Maybe we’ll have to add that to our itinerary for your visit next month…

  5. Well, we will have an extra microwave once we get in the house… And Amanda has already asked about it… Hmm… I think we may in for some trouble-making… 😉

  6. Woo hoo! Trouble-making, here I come!

  7. You guys will have to buy a furby….

  8. Well, my birthday’s coming…

  9. that would be a heck of a birthday… Happy Birthday! Here’s something to go destroy in a microwave! I mean, one time use gifts are fun enough on the DAY… but where is the replay value?!?!


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