“Signs” of Adventure…

Just to keep everyone up to date on our progress as East Coast adventurers, this weekend we took had two adventures: one to the Green Lane Park Scottish and Irish Festival in Green Lane, Pennsylvania, and the other to Atlantic City, New Jersey. During both of those trips, we got lost a grand total of…. *drum roll, please*… Zero times! Yea, us! On the first day we made two wrong turns, but recognized them right away and lost only a minute or so. It feels so empowering!

During our first adventure we came across a sign/site that made me giggle, so of course I had to share it! Some signs speak for themselves:

No Swimming




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6 responses to ““Signs” of Adventure…

  1. Well of course ya can’t swim in there, or else Nessie will get ya.

    Although, with the lack of signage punctuation, the snide part of me wants to point out that apparently, swimming without actually entering the water is okay.

  2. I suspect the underlying message here is that sea monsters evidently can’t read (or maybe they can, but have rebellious hearts).

  3. Amanda, I thought you’d like a story of what happened as I was taking this picture. I had stepped off the pathway, out of the heavy foot traffic, to get the picture. The conversations of the passers-by was just a blur in the background until I heard a little girl say in a loud voice, “That’s dumb. Sea monsters are WAY bigger than that!” I don’t know how she came by this knowledge, but she sure seemed to know what she was talking about. Do you suppose I was duped, and it wasn’t the real Nessie I was photographing?

  4. What? It’s only a pseudo-nessie?

    Say it isn’t so.

  5. Well, I don’t know for sure. All I know is what the little girl said… She was confident she was right, but I still have my doubts. I mean, it looked real to me. And once when it was stopped by a dock I saw inside it, and there were people in there, which I think were the people it had eaten because they hadn’t read the sign, so it’s gotta be real, doesn’t it?

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