Sorry about shouting, but my picture in my header disappeared yesterday while I was out shopping. If the person who walked off with it would please return is ASAP, there will be no questions asked, and no prosecution. I promise… I took that picture of something belonging to my son, so I’d really like it back, please? 😦

In the case it is not returned, I’ll have to resort to a back-up copy, which is currently in a POD somewhere in the outskirts of Philadelphia  ( 😦 again…).

Computers are neat when they work right…



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7 responses to “WHAT HAPPENED TO MY PICTURE????

  1. I haven’t been hanging out in blogland very much, of late… so I did not witness the event when it happened. I hope that someone saw the person who ran off with your picture… or that the picture theif decides to bring it back.

    That’s quite unfortunate.

  2. Do you think I should offer a reward? Hm…

  3. Weird. Someone stole my comments from a certain post yesterday, but seems to have returned them. It was the weirdest thing — my dashboard knew I had comments, but my actual blog didn’t.

  4. Maybe it’s the same guy. We should set up a sting and catch the guy. Whaddaya think?

  5. A heart-felt thank you to who ever returned my photo. I missed it…

  6. No, I would thank O.J. From a distance… With a witness… And a bodyguard…

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