A Day of Celebration!

Today, September 19, is a day of celebration. For us, the celebration started 22 years ago when Amanda was born. Happy Birthday, Amanda!!!! She is such a blessing, I feel truly honored to be her mom. The celebration of the day increased for us several years ago when our family became part of the IHOP-KC family, and discovered that this date is also the anniversary of IHOP-KC going 24/7. Happy Birthday, IHOP!

This year, however, the celebration has gotten even bigger, as I have discovered yet another reason this day is different from all others. September 19 is also:

International Talk Like A Pirate Day! Yea!!!! As if two significant birthdays were not enough, now we have this, too! Life just doesn’t get any better than this!

 In order to help you celebrate the day, I have included some links to help you along:

So aaaarrrg! and avast ye mateys! Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Pirate Day Mascot



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12 responses to “A Day of Celebration!

  1. Mrs. I.

    It’s birthday week for very special people! Our son-in-law’s birthday is the 18th. It’s actually 12:07 a.m. PA time now; so, I’ve missed out on celebrating Talk Like A Pirate Day – maybe next year!! It’s only 11:07 p.m. in K.C so I still have time to give Amanda birthday wishes. I’m off to her blog!

  2. What a wonderful day.

    I am extraordinarily grateful for Amanda.

    I am exceptionally grateful for IHOP.

    I am… well… you know… talk like a pirate day is cool.

    I never managed to remember when this day occured every year. But I always knew as soon as I would walk into the honors loung at school. The honor students (primarily Computer Science nerds) at UTD take this day very seriously.

    Well… now it looks like I will have all sorts of associations to help me remember the date when this day of beautiful insanity will occur.

  3. Christine: You mean you’ve actually heard of talk like a pirate day? Oh my… I never heard of it before. Being married to a computer nerd, I can only imagine what that must have been like!

    Mrs. I: If you want to throw in a belated “Aaaaarrgh!” I’m sure no one would complain! And Happy Birthday to your son-in-law!

  4. Mrs. I

    Aaaaaarrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh!!!! Feels good -maybe we should do this more than once a year!!

  5. And a happy aaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh to you!

  6. Indeed, I have. And I have to say… it was quite an experience.

  7. I bet it was! Brian admits that, had he been there, he would have been right in the middle of the nerdy piratey guys… Gotta love him! Argh!

  8. Geeze…. we really need to burn that picture…..

  9. Why? I think you look handsome!

  10. lol, my Ninja side has a physical reaction to that particular picture… besies, it was cold out that day… and I was wearing a butt-load of mascara on my face.

  11. Adam, that’s not where *real* mascara comes from… 😉

  12. All right, boys… That’s quite enough of that!

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