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Fighting Old Age…

As Brian and I get nearer and nearer to the big Five-Oh, we have begun to evaluate just what it means to become “old”. I mean, I remember back in the second grade when Mrs. Clawson challenged us to figure out how old we would be in the year 2000. I did the math quickly in my head and was shocked. I just couldn’t conceive of myself being “so old”! Now, however, as that age has come and gone, it doesn’t seem that old, after all…

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Things I Like about Pennsylvania

I must admit it: I was not thrilled by the idea of moving to Pennsylvania. The lifestyle (how crowded everything is, etc.) is a far cry from what I’ve been used to. In the last 4 months of being here, though, my attitude has changed. I’m glad I’m here. I still miss my friends, but there are some pretty cool things about living here. Here’s my list, so far.

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Setting it Straight…

OK, to once and for all set this straight (yeah, right!) here is the original photo from which I pulled the patches of color for the Barney vs. Barney debate:


Are you convinced yet? If not, I have no idea how to help you. And yes, this photo does in fact prove that I’m obsessive enough to actually purchase a video just to take a photo of it on my sofa. However, it should be noted that even after actually seeing the actual video on the actual sofa for himself, Brian dragged me through a Babies R Us store, trying to find a Barney doll to prove that the photo on the video box was not accurate. I’ll let you just which of us is more obsessed… ūüėČ


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Beauty Shines in Isolation

Now that the weather is finally¬†cooling down, I’m getting a chance to get back to my photography. I’ve had several field trips lately, and I’m getting some pretty good shots. Of course, I’ve gotten even more bad ones, but I think I’m getting better. Of course, my choice of subject matter tends to open me up to ridicule sometimes… Continue reading


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To End a Debate…

So, what do this:

Photo #1

and this:

Photo #2

have in common? The answer?

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