To End a Debate…

So, what do this:

Photo #1

and this:

Photo #2

have in common? The answer?

…absolutely nothing!

Photo #1 is the color of Barney, the dinosaur.


Photo #2 is the color of Barney, the sofa.

Barney Sofa

So, as you have just seen for yourself, the Barney sofa and Barney the Dinosaur have nothing in common. I hope this ends the debate, and the ridicule… Poor Barney the Sofa has only been in the family a few days, and I’d hate for it to get a complex or anything!



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9 responses to “To End a Debate…

  1. Hehe. I’d say you definitely win.

  2. I don’t know. In the spots where the sunlight is shining directly on the couch (in comparison with a well-lit Barney)…

  3. Christine, I love the way you think!

    Yay Christine!

  4. Mom, you’ve got to tell Christine how you set up that Barney photo. Maybe that will settle it. 😀

  5. Jeff

    Welllllllllll, as a person who is color blind between shades of colors, I’d say they are awfully close! Now all we need is the pictures to prove whether or not the chairs are the boo— twins! 🙂

  6. Jeff: Well, I hope you won’t be hurt that I’m not too swayed by someone who is color blind! You maybe ought to recuse yourself on this one… As for the chairs, you’re just going to have to come see for yourself. For some reason, the photos I keep trying make them look more brown than green. So, you have an invitation… Come see them for yourself. You’re welcome, anytime!

  7. Dianna D.

    I hate to agree with Jeff but I see shades of Barney in the sofa. Granted, it is much darker overall, but Barney-colors do seemed intermixed … if you wanted another opinion.

  8. Dianna: No-o-o-o!!! Not another one! You do realize you just agreed with someone who admits to being color-blind, don’t you?

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