Setting it Straight…

OK, to once and for all set this straight (yeah, right!) here is the original photo from which I pulled the patches of color for the Barney vs. Barney debate:


Are you convinced yet? If not, I have no idea how to help you. And yes, this photo does in fact prove that I’m obsessive enough to actually purchase a video just to take a photo of it on my sofa. However, it should be noted that even after actually seeing the actual video on the actual sofa for himself, Brian dragged me through a Babies R Us store, trying to find a Barney doll to prove that the photo on the video box was not accurate. I’ll let you just which of us is more obsessed… 😉



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5 responses to “Setting it Straight…

  1. I publicly and violently repent!

    I’m so sorry.

    But I’ll bet the name stays… 😉

  2. Yes, I think the name will stay… But I bet the ribbing does, too! heh, heh…

  3. OK. It looks like I am finally convinced.

  4. Yea! We have a convert! I thought this day would never come…

  5. I gotta admit tho……. Barney does look a little darker than I remember him being on that cover….. but maybe it’s just my old monitor.

    (note: written from my desktop computer)

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