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Things that make you go hm…

It’s been a while since my last sign post [pun intended] so here are some more. (All of these are actually how I found them; no Photoshopping involved. Life is really this wierd…):

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GPS+Marriage= Trouble

Our first Christmas as empty-nesters went well. I was worried that it might be very sad to wake up on Christmas morning without kids excited about opening presents. I needn’t have worried, though. Adam knows me well,  so convinced Amanda they should call us when they left the Prayer Room at 6:00 AM. So, rather than starting Christmas day missing my kids, it started as every good Christmas should: being woken up by my kids. Way too much fun!

After spending a few minutes talking to the kids on the phone, we crawled out of bed and wandered down stairs to open our gifts. I got Brian a GPS. I just recently found out how much he wanted one when Continue reading


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My Photography Blog Begins

I finally bit the bullet and got myself a blog just for my photography. It’s partly to share the photos with you all, and partly to keep myself motivated to keep working in the studio.

The first photo is there today. It’s called “Christmas Lights”. It’s not really as random as it at first seems. Way back when I was a little girl there was one thing that always signalled the beginning of the Christmas seasons for me. Each year as we were getting ready to put up the tree, my dad would get out the ancient strings of lights for the tree, carefully take them out of the box, stretch them across the hardwood floor, plug them in, and check them for soundness. I never did understand why they needed to be stretched out to be inspected, but I didn’t care, either. Seeing the colored lights sending a warm glow across the floor was an awesome sight! It stirred up excitement in me that little else could rival. Through the years, I’ve even considered getting out lights at other times of the year just to stare at the beautiful spectacle of them on the floor.

This year, as Brian and I were setting up our tree, I carefully unpacked the lights, plugged them in, and stretched them across the floor, just for the fun of it. After we had the tree fully decorated, I went to WalMart and bought a couple more strings of lights, just to take photos of! What serendipity that my attic studio in our new house has exactly the same kind of floor as the house I grew up in! As I spread the lights across the floor, it took me back several decades. I was once again a little girl, laying on my belly on the floor just to be eye to eye with the lights, and marvel at the warm glow they made on the floor.

If you’re interested, you can see one of the resulting photos on “Captured by Light” by clicking here. Enjoy!


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Santa and Jesus aren’t the Same

Seeing Santa everywhere this week, I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I guess Santa and Jesus are alike in some ways, but they are not the same. I bring it up, because so many of us grew up learning more about Santa in our early years than we did about Jesus, and I think sometimes we get a little confused about who Jesus really is, and what he is really like. So, here is my list of reasons I know that Santa isn’t Jesus: Continue reading

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God’s Timing Always Works

Back in early November I cooked a pork roast. It was a small pork roast, since I was just cooking for two. It should have taken an hour and a half to cook, but it took four hours. Yes, you read right; a tiny roast took four hours to cook. That was the first indication that something might be wrong with our oven.

We weren’t too concerned, since we have a warranty on the house, which covers such things. A quick call to them, and we were assured that a technician would be dispatched to check it out soon. Several days later we got a call from a firm setting up an appointment for the technician, a week and a half away! At least, that’s what they said… Continue reading

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