God’s Timing Always Works

Back in early November I cooked a pork roast. It was a small pork roast, since I was just cooking for two. It should have taken an hour and a half to cook, but it took four hours. Yes, you read right; a tiny roast took four hours to cook. That was the first indication that something might be wrong with our oven.

We weren’t too concerned, since we have a warranty on the house, which covers such things. A quick call to them, and we were assured that a technician would be dispatched to check it out soon. Several days later we got a call from a firm setting up an appointment for the technician, a week and a half away! At least, that’s what they said… The set day came and went, without a word from the tech. The next day we got a customer service call asking us if we were happy with their service. We said no, since they never showed up. The response? “Oh… Well, we can get you another appointment… In 10 days.” The same thing happened again in 10 days time. At least the caller the next day apologized (eventually). She then offered to set up another appointment for us. In 10 days! Needless to say, we called the warranty company and started over!

When we finally did get a technician out, we learned that the part we needed was no longer available, so he left without doing anything (other than taking a check, of course!). The good news is that the warranty company said they would buy us a new oven to replace the broken one. The bad news is that the order somehow got lost, had to be redone, so this whole leg of the adventure took several weeks, as well.

As if that weren’t enough, when the new oven finally got delivered (a month and a half later) the installers that delivered it spent almost an hour and a half trying to install it. According to the specifications, it should have fit. It did, if you didn’t include the heads of the bolts that hold the whole thing together. Unfortunately, those bolt heads stuck out on each side of the oven, making the whole unit an eighth of an inch wider than the opening in the wall where the whole thing is supposed to be installed! (Insert eye roll here…)

As I stood in the kitchen watching all the ruckus, I would occassionally notice the sound of the washing machine in the basement as the machine worked it’s way through its cycles. At one point I thought, “That doesn’t sound right. I don’t remember the washer making that noise before…” I left my post of overseeing the efforts on the oven to check out things in the basement, only to find a growing puddle of water spreading across the laundry room floor. I grabbed several towels from a box across the hallway, tossed them on the floor, and headed back upstairs to take to my post again. I’m afraid at this point I was a little distracted, wondering how much worse the day could get!

When the installers finally gave up and left (they aren’t licensed to use saws on cabinetry, so just left the oven sitting on the floor in front of the slightly too small hole) I called Brian to tell him about the clogged drain. A couple hours later the Rotor-Rooter truck arrived. The tech began to work on the drain (it proved to be the kitchen as well as the laundry room that was affected). As I watched him work, I heard the sounds from his equipment change, and heard him begin to grumble. He had hit the clog, and it had grabbed the end of the equipment, and now refused to let go. He struggled, the machinery groaned and whined, and eventually the whole thing was cleared, and water began to flow freely again. It was after 6:00 PM when he finally left, and I was exhausted from a day of things going from bad to worse. I must admit, my attitude pretty much stunk!

It wasn’t until the next day that I saw the hand of God in the whole thing. Can you imagine what would have happened if things would have happened my way? I would have had a new oven in less than a week of the old one breaking, and I would have had a an extra six weeks of enjoying baking for my husband. However, had it not been for the delays, I would not have been standing in the kitchen when the washing machine began to overflow. Usually I start the washer and head off to another part of the house or go run errands. But, due to the long aggravating list of complications, I was standing within ear shot when the problem was still in its early stages, before it had caused any damage. Had I not been standing in there, the whole laundry room would have been flooded, and the water would have begun  soaking into the baseboards and walls and caused who knows how much damage by the time I found it. As it is, I had a load of dirty towels to wash and a clean laundry room floor. 

So, I guess my point is that God knew what He was doing when he let the string of adversity hit us. Not that I’m convinced that God killed our oven, or even lost the paperwork, but He certainly used it to “work all things to good”. I can now say I’m glad everything got so messed up with the oven. Hopefully, I learned to trust in God’s ability to set up timing for the best, even if “the best” is not the most comfortable. For now, I’ll bask in the comfort of my clean drains and new oven, and be at peace. Oh! And bake a cake…


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  1. Oh yeah! God is very very good!

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