Santa and Jesus aren’t the Same

Seeing Santa everywhere this week, I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I guess Santa and Jesus are alike in some ways, but they are not the same. I bring it up, because so many of us grew up learning more about Santa in our early years than we did about Jesus, and I think sometimes we get a little confused about who Jesus really is, and what he is really like. So, here is my list of reasons I know that Santa isn’t Jesus:

  1. Santa has elves to help him, because he can’t do his work alone. Jesus has angels to help him with his work, even though he doesn’t need any help. Oh, yeah, he lets us help, too.
  2. Santa has flying reindeer to help him move around the world quickly. Jesus doesn’t need any help to get around the world, because he can be everywhere at once, what with being God and all…
  3. Santa lives in a mystical, mythical place called the North Pole, which people are not allowed to see. Jesus lives in heaven, and his wish is for all people to actually join him there someday.
  4. We get to write to Santa just once a year, and if we’re very lucky, our parents will take us to see him in person once a year at the mall. We can talk to Jesus everyday. In fact, he encourages us to talk to him all the time.
  5. We normally don’t hear back from Santa when we try to correspond with him. We are guaranteed to get a response from Jesus.
  6. Santa passes out presents (blessings) just once a year. Jesus passes out blessings every day.
  7. Santa requires good behavior from people in order to earn a gift from him. Jesus doesn’t require us to live up to any kind of standard before he offers us the greatest gift of all: salvation. Jesus loves us even when our hearts and lives are a mess, and doesn’t make us try to earn blessings from him. He even discourages it!

So there you have it: seven reasons I know for sure that Santa and Jesus are not the same. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t really have anything against Santa. I’m just glad to know Jesus, and to know that he really isn’t like Santa. It’s a lot nicer to have someone that loves me unconditionally and is willing to bless me, even when I don’t deserve it. It takes a lot of the pressure off during the Christmas season, don’t you think?


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