Things that make you go hm…

It’s been a while since my last sign post [pun intended] so here are some more. (All of these are actually how I found them; no Photoshopping involved. Life is really this wierd…):

 Put Money Here

To get this one, you have to not only read what it says, but know that Brian is six feet and several inches tall. He is standing, really, truly reaching as high as it looks!



A place I don’t think I’ll need to be shopping at anytime soon… I mean, who needs to buy ants?


Walking Dinos 

I found this one just the other day. Honest, I did… I’m assuming it was a very creative graffiti-ist at work, but you never know…



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6 responses to “Things that make you go hm…

  1. To the third photo, maybe it’s a creative advertising campaign for the movie Water Horse?

  2. I know we’re not supposed to condone things like graffiti, but that law-breaker is pretty funny. I am very much appreciating him/her right now.

  3. Christine: I know what you mean! When I first saw it, I did a double take; I mean, an actual double take, just like in a cheesy comedy movie!I just hope the authorities don’t fix it any time too soon.

  4. girl whom is perpetually bored

    where did you get the snowflake thing i have a website and i would like to cheat off of you.

  5. It’s found on the WordPress Dashboard, under “Appearance”, then “Extras”. It will be up for all of December, as I understand…

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