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A Super-Cool Church

Wow. Talk about random! I found a church today on the internet that really is a must-see! I was amazed and amused… I won’t tell you more, because you really have to see it for yourself! 🙂 Check it out by clicking here.



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Brag Time!

OK, so maybe this isn’t very Sermon on the Mount of me, but I had to share. Last night I entered my first ever photography competition. It was at the Chester County Camera Club. I’ve thought about entering other competitions, but each time I’ve tried it’s just after the deadline for entering. Guess timing isn’t my strong-suit!

 Anyway, I entered a total of four prints (the maximum you can enter each month), and I actually got first place with one of mine! Yea, me! I scored a total of 24 out of a possible 27 points. My other prints scored 21 and 20 points. You can check out my winning shot here.

I’m excited about next month’s competition, with the assigned topic of “graffiti/street art”. Just like this month’s category (“patterns”), the topic is tricky. How do you get a photo of graffiti or a pattern without it just looking like “Yep. That’s a pattern all right…” It’s got to be more than just recording what it looks like; it has to somehow catch that intangible “something” that shows what the subject actually is like. This might be a long month… 😉


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Winter Finally Comes…

It finally happened. For the first time since my arrival in this state, we have snow. Not just a couple flakes, but actual snow building up on the roads and plants. Me being me, at the first sign of the white stuff I bundled up and headed to the backyard. (You can see my first attempt at photographing snowflakes here.) Unfortunately, the temperature was a little warmer out there than in the front because of the hills, so I had to head to the front of the house with all my gear.

Now, I should probably mention that my gear includes not just my camera with a macro lens (super-close-up), a big tripod, Continue reading

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Taste and See

A few months ago Amanda wrote a post in her blog that included a photo of a candle with a swirl of smoke. It caught my attention, and I knew I would have to try getting similar shots once I got my new studio set up. Well, the time finally came. For the last week or so I’ve been playing in my studio with candles, matches, and smoke. Lots of smoke. So much smoke that I quickly found out that such a photo shoot must have time limits on it. Unless of course you like feeling woozy and sick. I don’t like either of those things, by the way! One of my favorite smoking candle photos can be seen by clicking here. (Following this link will take you to my photography blog, “Captured by Light“.) During all the hours spent thus far playing, er, I mean working, with smoking candles I have learned a lot about this seemingly small subject.

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Search Engines are Amazing!

Wow. I guess I’m more entertaining than I realized. According to WordPress statistics, someone found my blog by searching for, I kid you not, “six weeks standing on my head”. I don’t remember writing about that, but maybe it has to do with me spending so much time upside down…

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Simple Pleasures

For anyone that follows my little blog, I’m sure it’s apparent that last week was hard. Some of the fish I got slapped with were huge (the equivalent of my cat getting run over by a car; I mean, if I had a cat…). It was another of those times when I was pressed to find out if I had truly learned the lessons God has been faithfully teaching me all this time. Would I respond from a quiet, gentle place securely in His arms, or from a chaotic place learned from the world? I think my final grade was somewhat of a mixed bag, but at least it was mixed, and not all chaos.

This week is getting off to a better start, due in part, Continue reading


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More GPS News

For those who have been following the saga of Brian’s new GPS, it is no longer an “it”. It is a “she”, or “her”. Her name is Doris. As in, Bowler-Hat-Guy’s evil assistant/ruler in “Meet the Robinsons”, which, by the way, I still contend is one of last year’s best movies. God was all over that movie, in a very cool way.

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