Simple Pleasures

For anyone that follows my little blog, I’m sure it’s apparent that last week was hard. Some of the fish I got slapped with were huge (the equivalent of my cat getting run over by a car; I mean, if I had a cat…). It was another of those times when I was pressed to find out if I had truly learned the lessons God has been faithfully teaching me all this time. Would I respond from a quiet, gentle place securely in His arms, or from a chaotic place learned from the world? I think my final grade was somewhat of a mixed bag, but at least it was mixed, and not all chaos.

This week is getting off to a better start, due in part,

to a gift I gave myself. Yes, I actually spent money on myself and bought one of my favorite things in the whole world: new socks. Yep, that’s right; new socks! There is nothing quite as comfortable or comforting as sliding on a new pair of socks. There is a special softness that is lost after even one wearing and washing. Oh the happiness I felt Friday as I was out running errands and felt the undeniable sensation of my toe poking its head through the end of my sock! This was just one of several times I have felt this in recent weeks. Each time, I gleefully toss the sock into the trash, knowing I’m one hole nearer that awesome, long awaited day when new socks become a part of my life!

So it was that yesterday I made my way to the beloved sock department. I walked the aisles, feeling each brand and style, looking for just the right softness, thickness, and, well, that special something. And then I found it. Not just one, but two different brands, each just as soft and awesome as the other. I finally decided to splurge, and bought enough socks that I will have a brand new of socks every day this week.

So, here I sit, getting ready for a new week, planning out the errands, meetings, and studio set ups I need to arrange, wiggling my toesies in my new socks. At peace. At rest, at least for now, enjoying the gentle, warm touch of my new socks, knowing that it’s not just for today, but all week. I ask you: can a week that starts with Jesus and new socks be anything but great? 🙂



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2 responses to “Simple Pleasures

  1. I remember the Christmas a long time back where one of your presents was a big box of new socks-52 pairs, or a new pair every week. I bet some of those are among the hangers-on that are finally wearing out.

    They are all old enough by now that you can throw them away if you like, and make room for more new socks!

    No, I don’t think it’s a fetish…
    exactly. 😉

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