Brag Time!

OK, so maybe this isn’t very Sermon on the Mount of me, but I had to share. Last night I entered my first ever photography competition. It was at the Chester County Camera Club. I’ve thought about entering other competitions, but each time I’ve tried it’s just after the deadline for entering. Guess timing isn’t my strong-suit!

 Anyway, I entered a total of four prints (the maximum you can enter each month), and I actually got first place with one of mine! Yea, me! I scored a total of 24 out of a possible 27 points. My other prints scored 21 and 20 points. You can check out my winning shot here.

I’m excited about next month’s competition, with the assigned topic of “graffiti/street art”. Just like this month’s category (“patterns”), the topic is tricky. How do you get a photo of graffiti or a pattern without it just looking like “Yep. That’s a pattern all right…” It’s got to be more than just recording what it looks like; it has to somehow catch that intangible “something” that shows what the subject actually is like. This might be a long month… 😉



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7 responses to “Brag Time!

  1. DadH

    Ooh, I love it! You obviously have a terrific eye for seeing and capturing beauty most of us might pass by without noticing. Thanks for sharing your observations — and congratulations on your first place award!

    You’re creating some terrific shots with your Canon (pun intended). I’ll be waiting to see what you make with “graffiti/street art”. There’s some wild & crazy stuff out there, should be fantastic raw materials for your creativity!

  2. Aw, shucks! Thanks for the compliment. I’m waiting to see what I make with graffiti/street art, as well…

  3. Please, no roadkill this time! 😉

  4. Aw, come on… Please?


  5. Nooooo.

    And another thing: “tails” and “entrails” might sort-of barely rhyme, but I don’t think the poem will ever be high-art. Let’s just leave that for the crows, shall we?

  6. And no, running over it a few more times doesn’t make it art, either.

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