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More Bragging…

I promise not to make this an everyday event, but I feel like bragging again… We had another camera club competition last night, and I once again entered four photos into three different categories. I did better than last month, getting two first place ribbons and one second place.

I knew the fourth photo wasn’t going to get a ribbon, but it was such a triumph to get it I took it anyway, just to show it off.  That was the photographic experience that made me qualified as a true artist. But, that’s a story for another day, when I post that photo. Today I’ve posted my two first place photos on my photography blog, “Captured by Light“. I’ll be posting the other two photos later this week

You can see the first two photos by clicking on these links: Freedom of Expression and Street Scene.



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Pennsylvania Roads

While we’re on the topic of life in Pennsylvania (which I am thoroughly enjoying, by the way), I just had to share some of my favorite road signs. Yes, that’s right: road signs. Every place we’ve lived has signs warning of upcoming curves and such, but in Pennsylvania they enter a whole new arena. I guess it’s a combination of the topography of the land; it’s very hilly here, making for windy roads. Add to that the fact that some roads started as horse trails 300 years ago, and thus weren’t pre-lanned to be convenient for automobiles, and you end up with some entertaining signs. The following is just a smattering of signs we came across a couple weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon when we got lost, er, I mean, took the scenic route home. Enjoy! Continue reading


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Political Boundaries

I used to understand government. When I was in college I took a government class, because I knew it would be an easy grade, since it’s a subject I really enjoyed and knew a lot about. Since moving to Pennsylvania, though, I have discovered that I don’t understand it all as much as I thought I did. Particularly in the area of governmental boundaries.

When I was growing up, I lived in a city, which was in a county, which was in a state, which was in a country. Easy, shmeasy! In Pennsylvania, however, it all gets more complicated. Continue reading


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No More Chocolate

For anyone who knows me very well, it will come as a total shock that I am giving up chocolate. Not cutting back, not fasting from, but giving up. Completely. My choice came about Sunday night. I was sitting in my office watching my weekly indulgence of Food Network shows (“Food Network Challenge” and “Iron Chef America”), which were the wrap-up to Chocolate Weekend, a two day line up of shows about chocolate, in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

One of the shows made mention of an annual Chocolate Fair. Now that sounds like my kind of event! (For those who don’t know about my passion for chocolate, when we first found out we were moving to Pennsylvania just a short drive from Hershey, my family started rounds of jokes about the Mother Ship calling me home!) During the next commercial break I reached for my computer and started googling “chocolate fair” to see if there were any such events coming up in my area. If there was, you better believe I was going to be there! Continue reading


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