Pennsylvania Roads

While we’re on the topic of life in Pennsylvania (which I am thoroughly enjoying, by the way), I just had to share some of my favorite road signs. Yes, that’s right: road signs. Every place we’ve lived has signs warning of upcoming curves and such, but in Pennsylvania they enter a whole new arena. I guess it’s a combination of the topography of the land; it’s very hilly here, making for windy roads. Add to that the fact that some roads started as horse trails 300 years ago, and thus weren’t pre-lanned to be convenient for automobiles, and you end up with some entertaining signs. The following is just a smattering of signs we came across a couple weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon when we got lost, er, I mean, took the scenic route home. Enjoy!




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2 responses to “Pennsylvania Roads

  1. Now I don’t feel so bad about my trouble with “go left, go right”.

  2. I want to add that posting these is not in anyway making fun of the signs. Trust me; when you find yourself in a situation where these signs are posted, you’re grateful for the heads up!

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