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In Memorial: Marguretha Ann Beattie

This biography and remembrance was written mostly by my father, Forrest A. Beattie, and presented at my moms memorial service.  I wanted to share it and provide links to some other very touching commentary you may have already seen by Dorean, Amanda, and Adam.  Thanks for your love and prayers.  — Brian

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Earth Hour…

I have only been on the internet for a few minutes today and have already come across several articles about the “Earth Hour” scheduled to happen tonight. Now, before I go any farther, let me assure you that I believe God wants us to take care of the environment. After all, part of the job He gave Adam and Eve was to take care of the place! I do have a problem, though, with pointless, or even hypocritical events aimed at making the participants feel good about themselves while trying to make non-participants feel guilty.

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Good-bye, Mom

Anyone who reads Amanda and Adam’s blogs will already know this, but I want to say it here. A little over a week ago we lost Brian’s mom. She was an awesome lady, and I’ve wanted to write about her, but it’s really hard. I mean, how can you sum up a life with just words? Everything I think of saying falls short of telling who she really was.

Marguretha was a very gentle soul. She was generally soft-spoken, but when she did speak up, there was no arguing with her! I think everyone in the family has received a rebuff for being overly helpful to her at some point. That was one thing she wouldn’t stand for: someone thinking she needed help when she had decided she could do it herself. She didn’t lecture, but in just one short sentence she reminded you that if she needed your help, she would ask! She and I had a lot in common (although I must admit there were plenty of times I think I really stretched her), and I always wished we could live closer to her, as I’m sure we would have had great adventures together. She was a woman who knew how to have fun. Continue reading


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Am I Normal?

As I go through my daily life, I have random thoughts. I know everyone does, but sometimes I wonder if anyone else has the same randomocity that I do. It’s an almost out-of-body experience, where I’m lost in my own thoughts, and then al of a sudden I’m outside those thoughts, realizing just how absurd those thoughts are.

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A Photography Lesson

Since all my spare brain cells these days are used on photography, I’d thought I’d offer a 15 second lesson to share some of my photography knowledge with you, my dear readers. There is a situation that every good photographer must be aware of and avoid at all costs. This is called “merger”. Can you say “merger”? Good! I knew you could! (Pardon me while I channel Mr. Rogers!)

Merger is what happens when your subject is too close to something else in your photo, thereby making a confusing image. It happens to everyone every now and then. Not usually to the extreme that I found in a home improvement ad on the web, though… Can you spot the merger in this ad?

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