A Photography Lesson

Since all my spare brain cells these days are used on photography, I’d thought I’d offer a 15 second lesson to share some of my photography knowledge with you, my dear readers. There is a situation that every good photographer must be aware of and avoid at all costs. This is called “merger”. Can you say “merger”? Good! I knew you could! (Pardon me while I channel Mr. Rogers!)

Merger is what happens when your subject is too close to something else in your photo, thereby making a confusing image. It happens to everyone every now and then. Not usually to the extreme that I found in a home improvement ad on the web, though… Can you spot the merger in this ad?

Merger Quiz



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4 responses to “A Photography Lesson

  1. Well, I suppose if that’s your bath, now is definitely the time to update it.

  2. Isn’t the toilet lid down? Then how…?
    Oh, never mind.

  3. Ok, I get it now. The person in the photo is a *girl*, and I’m guessing most girls have almost no experience with proper use of a toidy from a standing position.

    I suppose it’s really more of a *guy* thing, but most boys have their amusing/horrifying learning experiences in this area when they are toddlers.

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