Am I Normal?

As I go through my daily life, I have random thoughts. I know everyone does, but sometimes I wonder if anyone else has the same randomocity that I do. It’s an almost out-of-body experience, where I’m lost in my own thoughts, and then al of a sudden I’m outside those thoughts, realizing just how absurd those thoughts are.

One of these situations is when when I’m watching TV. Every now and then you have to adjust the volume, right? Well, I pick up the remote, get the volume where I want it, then notice the number on the volume scale. More often than not, I’ll adjust the the volume up or down one notch to get a “better” number. Most days this means setting it to an even number. If I’m in a wild, rebellious mood, I’ll set it to a prime number, just to prove I can. The funny thing is, I have no idea why I do this! I’m not OCD, it’s just fun to have a “good” number.

Some numbers are “good” even though they aren’t even, like 15. I like 15. It’s an easy number, because right away when I see it, I know it’s 3×5. Of course, I know all my basic math facts, but this particular one seems to me as good as an even number… Please, don’t ask me to explain it; I have to idea why this is. Nine is not a good number. Maybe it’s because it’s right next door to ten, which is the king of all numbers. I know for sure that ten is the king of all numbers because our number system is base ten. Five is a good number, probably because of its close relationship to ten. Maybe that explains why 15 is a good number: because it has three fives in it. Hmm… This just can’t be normal…



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2 responses to “Am I Normal?

  1. I guessing your fascination with those numbers is like mine.
    I set the volume number to the amount of discretionary cash I wish I had in my pocket right now. That’s why I always have the volume so loud…

  2. Well, I guess that explains it… 🙂

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