Earth Hour…

I have only been on the internet for a few minutes today and have already come across several articles about the “Earth Hour” scheduled to happen tonight. Now, before I go any farther, let me assure you that I believe God wants us to take care of the environment. After all, part of the job He gave Adam and Eve was to take care of the place! I do have a problem, though, with pointless, or even hypocritical events aimed at making the participants feel good about themselves while trying to make non-participants feel guilty.

Case in point: Earth Hour. This event calls for Brian and I to turn off our 75 watt light bulb we would normally be using at 8:00 PM tonight so we can sit in the dark, knowing others around the world are sitting in the dark, thinking about how we ought to be afraid of global warming. All of this sitting in the dark in our homes happens while the shopping mall down the road is using more electricity in that one hour than we will use in an entire year, and while the movie theater in the next town over lights up the world’s largest marquee, which you can see for miles around. Wow. Glad I’m saving 75 watts, eh?

On top of that, there are all the noble attempts to draw attention to Earth Hour, and to make people feel part of the Club. I am referring to the concerts being put on in order to achieve that “Kum Ba Ya” feeling: that “we’re one big family” feeling. I am referring to those concerts being put on using electric guitars and basses, that will undoubtably use electric microphones and gigantic electrical speakers to make sure everyone can hear. And of course, there must be electric stage lighting, as well as electric security lighting in the parking lots. Oh, and by the way, the “everyone” that will be able to hear all drove cars to get to the event in the first place, or will be sitting at home in the dark, watching the concert on their electric TV. All of this to raise awareness of global warming, while I am supposed to sit at home, in the dark, feeling either good about myself or ashamed that I had to be guilted into participation.

I am open to the fact that I may just be reacting to this out of the fatigue caused by two solid weeks on the road dealing with family issues, and if so, please forgive me. I think it is much more likely, though, that this really is as lame as it seems to me to be. If these organizations are really so concerned about global warming, I’d like to see them doing something that will really make a difference. Stop wasting resources in an attempt to force others into your idea of what their life should look like, and start living a life that will be an example.  As I said before, I’m all for taking care of the planet God has given us as a home. I’m just not into hype, fear and guilt. Guess I’ll get down from the soapbox now…



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2 responses to “Earth Hour…

  1. Yes… earth hour was pretty absurd, if you ask me.

  2. I almost hit “delete” rather than “publish” for fear of being overwhelmed by greenies sending hate mail. I’m glad it’s not just me!

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