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Happy Birthday!!!

Today is the birthday of me beloved husband, Brian the Great. He is truly the best husband ever, anywhere, anytime. He’s also handsome, funny, smart, kind, and generous beyond words. One of the awesome things about him is his ability to be responsible and still maintain a childlike playfulness that keeps life from getting dull. I don’t have any recent photos of him, so pulled this one out instead. Ain’t he a cutie? 🙂

Happy Birthday, Brian!!!


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Travel Signs part 2

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s photos from our recent travels. If not, you probably won’t enjoy these either.  😉  For those of you who enjoy such silliness, here’s another dose:

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Signs of Travel…

With all the time Brian and I had away from home last month, we spent a lot of time on airplanes and in airports. Have you ever noticed how many signs you are inundated with in those places? Sheesh! They’re everywhere, warning us of everything except the dangers of breathing. Of course to be honest, there were a couple of them that probably make perfect sense to the average person, but to Brian and I, especially on our second cross-country trek in one week, seemed pretty funny… I think I’ll leave the judging to you! So without further ado… Continue reading


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