Signs of Travel…

With all the time Brian and I had away from home last month, we spent a lot of time on airplanes and in airports. Have you ever noticed how many signs you are inundated with in those places? Sheesh! They’re everywhere, warning us of everything except the dangers of breathing. Of course to be honest, there were a couple of them that probably make perfect sense to the average person, but to Brian and I, especially on our second cross-country trek in one week, seemed pretty funny… I think I’ll leave the judging to you! So without further ado…

Photo #1: We saw this one frequently. It showed up in many of the jetways we walked down. It is supposed to warn passengers about the dangers of walking on the uneven floor of the jetway, but I place before you the proposition that even though the floor may in fact be uneven, this dude is just a clumsy oaf, and the floor is NOT to blame. Check out where his foot is compared to the unevenness of the floor, and I bet you agree.

The Clumsy Oaf

Photo #2: OK, so this isn’t technically a sign, but we found it when we travelled… Believe it or not, we actually found ourselves on an airline that still serves peanuts. I thought that was a thing of the past, but lo and behold, down the aisle came a flight attendant with a basket of bags of peanuts. The bag had words on it, so of course, I had to read them! Here’s what I found (Can you say “duh”?):

Can You Say
WHAT??? You mean my PEANUTS were processed in a place where there are PEANUTS??? Say it isn’t so!!!

 Photo #3: This is the actual directions our GPS gave us one day in Oregon. The directional arrow on the third line may explain how we keep ending up lost, even with electronic help!

No Wonder We're Lost! 
So, the directions include driving 38 miles in a teeny circle?  How many times around is that?… Somebody pass the Dramamine…


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3 responses to “Signs of Travel…

  1. Photo #1: Perhaps the most literal rendering of this sign is, “Don’t overcompensate to avoid stubbing your toe on the uneven floor. It’s not worth it.”

    Photo #2: What are peanuts coming to these days?

    Photo #3: Perhaps it’s just being pessimistic… “Oh believe me, you’re going to get lost at least once. I’m betting around mile 38.”

  2. Amanda, you crack me up! I think you probably have the right interpretation for photo #3. Up until now I hadn’t come up with even one feasible explanation. Thanks for clearing this up for me! You’re gonna love the next ones…

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