Travel Signs part 2

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s photos from our recent travels. If not, you probably won’t enjoy these either.  😉  For those of you who enjoy such silliness, here’s another dose:

Photo #1: This first one comes from inside one of the airplanes we flew in last month. It is part of the instructions dealing with sitting in the emergency row. We were given verbal instructions by the flight attendant on how to use the emergency exit, then encouraged to read the instructions in the brochure in the seat back. In case none of that made sense, there were pictures posted over the exit to help us out. The subject matter is very serious, but the signs cracked us up:

Emergency on an Airplane
I interpret this as: “If your eyeball flies out of your head through the window and bursts into flames, DO NOT use your IPOD”

Photo #2: Here’s the emergency signage from another airline:

Emergency on an Airplane 2

Brian interprets this as meaning “Don’t use fire! Sneeze blood onto the machine to receive your can of soda pop.”  

Photo #3: This may be the grand-daddy of all travel signs. It is what happens when  Nanny-State meets Greenie-State. These are posted in each stall of every public restroom in the Portland, Oregon airport. Once again, it’s not necessarily a bad idea, but… It cracked me up so much I took some photos of it on our first trip. I tried to be discreet and not use the camera’s flash, but it was too dark, so yes, I actually had myself locked in a stall in the public restroom, which was quite busy, and took flash pictures. With the door locked. With other people all around. Flash… Flash… Oh dear…

On our second trip, Brian was carrying my camera for me and found himself in a restroom facing the sign, and also succumbed to the temptation to take photos, not knowing that I had already done so. It was just that amazing…

When Nanny-State meets Greenie-State
I’m not sure what is funnier/weirder: the fact that the sign actually refers to bodily functions as “#1” and “#2”, or the fact that, when you read the fine print, you need to follow the directions so the airport has “done their part”. If I follow the instructions, didn’t I do my part? Which, by the way, is my own business, and I pretty much resented being accountable to the airport for the manner in which I did my, um, business… (Actually, I flushed the wrong way, just to prove I could… I liked it… Is that wrong?)


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10 responses to “Travel Signs part 2

  1. I can’t even compete with you guys’ captions for the first two photos.

    I think my favorite part of the flushing sign is, “Please take a look at the diagram above and pusht he handle in the direction which best suits your needs.” I’m not sure why. But to me that is a hysterical way to try and say it delicately.

  2. Um. “…push THE handle.”

  3. On the last sign, I think it’s very significant that the airport says, “by installing [this device], we’ve demonstrated our committment…”

    In other words, they’ve already done as much as they feel they need to do. “Hey, don’t talk to US about conservation, we’ve installed toilets, and a sign. Go pester somebody else about water use now. Geez!”

    When you’ve already had it *up to here*, having to buy “smart” toilets must be especially galling. Small wonder their sign sounds so testy…

    [BTW, I’m guessing that flushing the wrong way is really only wrong if you flushed the #1 way *eww*]

  4. When was the last time three drops of water were ever enough?

  5. Aw, come on, Brian! This is Oregon we’re talking about! They are probably proud of their high-tech toidies, just knowing that they will single-handedly save the universe! I still remember all the hoop-la in the early 70’s when they built the bike paths going everywhere. They just knew that by the time the 1980’s got here everyone who was anyone would use a bike to get everywhere, and it all started with them! Yea! Of course, in the next decade of living there I only saw one person ever use a bike path, and haven’t seen any on any of our subsequent trips back, but I suppose that’s beside the point…

  6. Amanda: Yeah, that’s pretty good, too. I guess we should just be grateful they tried to be delicate. 🙂

  7. Mrs. I

    Thanks to you, if I ever travel, I’ll know exactly how to operate them thar fancy toilets they’ve got themselves out West!! Knowledge is power!!! : )

  8. I find it comical that “solid waste” has a picture of three water droplets… instead of the obvious other. Now, a baby ruth bar… That would have been funny.

    Mental note for the next time you are on a plane… if your x-ray vision starts a fire outside, don’t take a pregnancy test… you have to figure out the toilet first…

  9. Mrs. I: Trust me, it’s way more fun to do it wrong… Or maybe that’s just me…

    Adam: I never thought of that. You’re right, that is in fact very weird. As for your final comment, what is left to say? You may have hit on the ultimate there… 🙂

  10. Amanda: “Best suits your needs”. Since you mentioned it, I think by the time I turn around and am considering which direction to push the handle, *my* need has already been met. How I push the handle is probably more about some future person’s need, and how pleasant they find this facility in accomodation…

    Once again, I say *ewww*

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