Equal Justice Under Law

Equal Justice Under Law

“Equal Justice Under Law”. That’s the motto that is written on the header above the front door of the federal Supreme Court Building. At the recent “Mercy Seat” gathering in Washington, D.C. I found myself standing before this magnificent building staring at those noble words. As I prayed, I began to be uncomfortable when I read these words. I read them over and over, my discomfort growning. With a little self-examination, I realized why this motto made me so uncomfortable.

The truth is, our nation likes to talk about freedom and equality, but we have never actually had our laws line up with this ideal. At first it was decided that Africans brought to this country were not actually, fully human, and therefore didn’t deserve Equal Justice Under Law. It took until the 1960’s before we really started down the road of full equality for our citizens of African descent. In that same time period there was the idea that somehow women were not worthy of equality with men. That also began to crumble in the 1960’s. As soon as these two people groups were on their way to Equal Justice Under Law, what did we do? We decided that our most vulnerable citizens (the unborn) weren’t fully people, and therefore don’t deserve Equal Justice Under Law.

As I stood there praying, I realized that is really all we are praying for: Equal Justice Under Law: for everyone, including our tiniest citizens who haven’t even had a chance to take their first breath yet. We weren’t praying for special priveleges for a few, or even the masses. We were just asking God to truly bring Equal Justice Under Law to everyone. Yes, that is why we stand and pray: Equal Justice Under Law. Lord, let it be…


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