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Two Signs and a Sight

It’s time again to share some signs that made me laugh. OK, so one isn’t a sign, but it made me laugh. It’s probably just what happened in my head, but you be the judge… Continue reading


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Miracle Babies

I have read some awesome stories lately that really touched my heart. They are about babies who were born under the cloud of doctors “knowing” they did not have a chance. I thought I’d share them with you, since they say a lot about what we really know about life, and when it is “viable”.

The first story is about a baby born just short of 22 weeks gestational age. The truly poignant part of the story is that this little girl wouldn’t even be alive if her mother had not lied. Continue reading

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God is like…

For no apparent reason, Brian and I decided to learn about wine. Up until now my knowledge of the subject consisted of (a) wine is made from grapes, (b) wine can be red or white, and (c) red wine goes with red meat and white wine goes with fish. The first thing we learned on our journey is that letter (c) is actually not a hard and fast rule. Oh, and that wine can be made from things other than grapes, too. So much for knowing stuff…

The main thing we learned is that in discussing wine, “aromas” are discussed rather than “flavors”. Weird, huh? This is not, however, the weirdest part of the whole thing.   Continue reading

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